• Mandy was great. Helpful and great to deal with. After all they are trying to fix our mistakes and that wouldn't be easy sometimes! Like today!

    - Philippa Jones, Engineering
    21st August 2019
  • CashManager is a very easy product to use with great support. I don’t use all the features of the software but for me what I do use is simple.

    - HR Voss, Howard Voss, Farming
    20th August 2019
  • Good helpful backup, friendly and provided tips for future use.

    - L A & J J Davies, Jennifer Davies, Horticulture
    19th August 2019
  • My experience with Accomplish has always been at the top end of the service ladder and is very much appreciated.

    - Demchy Investments Ltd, Phil Beechey, Office Accounting
    6th August 2019
  • The CashManager accounting system has been a perfect process for the overall management of the financial affairs of the businesses I am involved with. Information is easily accessible and usable to provide numerous reports required by the client, and the client's banks, auditors, and planners. Of course there are always the requirements of the IRD and its changing processes, and CashManager deals with all of these.

    - E.R.J. & V.J. Grigg, Vivienne Grigg, Multiple - Farming, Small Businesses
    5th August 2019
  • Was amazing, extremely patient with me, and went that extra mile. She taught me quite a lot more to make my job quicker… I am a nurse so this kind of task I sadly don’t excel at.

    - Leona Taylor, District Nurse
    26th July 2019
  • As a retired accountant and long term client I continue to be impressed by the team work and excellent service of the call centre staff. CashManager has been my main programme for over 25 years back to the Burge days.

    - Alan Martin, Retired Accountant
    25th July 2019
  • We have been with CashManager for over twenty years - almost from the start - and have found the continual upgrading of their software easy to grasp, very beneficial and quicker to do our GST and annual tax returns than ever.

    - Anonymous, Artist
    19th July 2019
  • Helpful staff who knew what I needed and were very patient, most impressed.

    - John L Scott, Taxi Service
    12th July 2019
  • If I was in business today as a professional accountant (many years ago I was a partner in a National firm of Chartered Accountants) I think I would be recommending Cash Manager to 90%+ of smaller clients as CM more than would satisfy their requirements. I think the other programmes, of which I admit have limited knowledge, are far more than they would require. PS You need to know I am 77 years old!

    - Gerald Moses, Retired Accountant
    11th July 2019