Business Partner Training

Partner 15 Minute Overview

Get a quick update on Accomplish's direction, market positioning, pricing and new features in the current version.
Great for busy partners and senior accountants who may not require the full CashManager Business Partner Training.

CashManager Business Partner Training

Designed for Business Partner firms who want a good overview of Accomplish's direction, market positioning, pricing and want to maximize their efficiency using CashManager. Business Partner training is a 2 to 3 hour session and can be done on site or in a pre-arranged group conference facility.

Course Outline

  • Registration and Upgrade process
  • COA mapping / Adopt COA
  • Send data to new clients
  • Client Accounting System Export/Import functionality
  • Advanced Transaction Entry - Deposit Slip Printing, Sub Accounts
  • Bank Statement Import
  • Reports, GST, Export and Email
  • Invoicing, Quotes and Receipting
  • Stock Management
  • Plus and Trusts (if requested)

One to One Training

Learn what you need to know and cover the topics that will help you become as efficient as possible. 1:1 training allows you to cover what you need to know. These sessions can be used to help you set up your new company. Minimum of one hour. Travel, mileage and accommodation charges may apply where applicable.

This service aims to relieve accountants of any set up activities normally undertaken when setting up new CashManager clients. When a CashManager user joins the Support and Update Programme, they can work directly with the team at Accomplish to set up their CashManager system. Accomplish will then work with both the Accountant and their client to ensure that CashManager is set up in the best possible way to meet the client's needs.

Remote Training

The CashManager Training Course along with customised sessions are also available via remote training. You choose the training topic(s) and we will arrange a time where we can link computers to walk you through your chosen topic(s).

For more information on Business Partner Training, please Contact Us.

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