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We pride ourselves on our industry leading support. Sometimes picking up the phone is needed. We have an experienced team available 11 hours a day! 


Industry leading support is here to help

For peace of mind we provide an outstanding support service available 9 hours a day. Our NZ based team has years of experience. Call as often as you want!


Keep up to date with CashManager support

Includes all software updates, so you will always be on the most current version. We do not change the ‘look n feel’ each version, so you can confidently update to the latest version knowing CashManager will be recognisable and just as easy to use.


Desktop support is included for 12 months

For our desktop software customers, ‘Support & Update’ is included with your purchase for the first 12 months. From there you are able to renew your support as an annual subscription.


Included for CashManager Online customers

For our online customers, ‘Support & Update’ is included permanently.


Free access to Online Help Centre

Access to our CashManager Online Help Centre​ which includes How-to Guides, FAQ’s, Tutorial Videos, Practical Exercises and more.

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CashManager is an excellent product for my small business, interaction with my accountant, and reporting BAS etc quarterly to the Tax Office.

- Anonymous, Farming + Property
11th August 2017

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