Sending emails that require SSL (e.g. Xtra, Hotmail, Gmail)

Currently a number of New Zealand telecommunications providers are taking steps to protect their customers email security and reduce the volumes of unwanted spam emails being received.

Spark, formerly known as Telecom New Zealand, have already introduced these changes by moving from their SMTP mail servers to SSL. They have sent emailed notification to their customers advising them how to make the necessary changes in their email software, and many of you may have already done this.

If you have completed the above changes and you send your emails from within CashManager using our MAPI service (ie: your emails are sent through your email software program) then your emails should now be working.

If you send emails from within CashManager using our SMTP email service – we have had to make changes to CashManager to accommodate this new SSL service and this update will need to be installed on your system. If you are a member of our Support and Update program there is no fee for this update.

Either way - if you find you can no longer send emails from within CashManager please contact us on 0800 707 111 (New Zealand) or 1800 634 440 (Australia) and we will be happy to assist you with getting your emails back up and running.

Valkey Message

The following message comes up when opening CashManager, "Failed to set data for valkey". Close CashManager, right click on the Cashmanager shortcut and select the option to "Run as administrator". Fill in all the required fields. You will only need to run as administrator once.

Can I create sales reports by Sales Person?

You must first have purchased the CashManager Invoicing module and activated the Salespersons feature.  Contact our Training team to learn all of the features relating to Invoicing, Sales People and Stock Management (fees apply).

Can I enter my stocktake figures into CashManager?

Yes by choosing Customers on the menu and then choosing Stocktake.

Can I create and save my own graphs?

Yes by choosing the Graphs button on the toolbar, selecting the appropriate tab from the top of the Graphs screen, entering in the appropriate details and settings and then choosing the Save button

Does Cashmanager handle stock and inventory?

Yes.  You must first have purchased the CashManager Invoicing module and activated the stock feature.  Contact our Training team to learn all of the features relating to Invoicing, Sales People and Stock Management (fees apply).

How many bank accounts can I have in CashManager?

Unlimited bank accounts can be added into a CashManager company/entity using the Setup, Bank Accounts menu.

Can I create deposit slips for the bank?

Yes – Deposit Slip printing needs to be activated under Setup, Options on the menu, and then in the Features tab tick Activate Deposit Slip printing.  Deposit slips are then activated when using the Deposit button in the Banking / Transaction Search screen

Can I import my bank transactions into CashManager?

Yes – use the Transactions menu, then choose Bank Statement Import.  Contact our training team to learn all of the features relating to the Bank Statement Import feature (fees apply).

Can I get training for CashManager?

You certainly can! Contact us on 0800 707 111 (NZ) or 1800 811 899 (AU) so that we can discuss the best solution for your needs. The training courses help you become confident using CashManager - ultimately saving you time and helping you add more value to your business.

Which versions of Accomplish CashManager are supported (and so the support team can help me with any questions/ queries)?

The current version and one prior.

How do I know which version I am on?

Open Accomplish CashManager and go to 'Help' on the main menu, then choose 'About CashManager'.

Can I produce Financial Reports using CashManager?

Yes you can. CashManager has a facility to produce financial reports, however we recommend asking your Accountant about this service. CashManager PLUS offers Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reporting, but unlike the Lite and Standard levels of CashManager, requires some double entry bookkeeping experience to maximise its use. Please contact your Accountant or Accomplish directly for further advice on using CashManager PLUS.

What are the minimum system requirements for running CashManager?

CashManager will run on the following minimum system requirements: - CPU: Pentium I or better - Windows: 95/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7 - RAM: Requires at least 32MB spare - Diskspace: Requires at least 10MB spare

Can I import data into CashManager from another accounting package?

Accomplish offer an import service that takes master files from MYOB, Quicken and NZA Gold and imports them into CashManager ready for your use.  Master files include customer and supplier names and addresses, and products and product categories. If you have any special import requirements, we are happy to review them with you before you commit to using CashManager.

How does my CashManager Registration Code work?

Every CashManager system is issued a licence number and registration code. The registration code works in conjunction with your CashManager licence number and unlocks the features within CashManager that you have purchased.  Should you choose to upgrade to another level or purchase an add-on module, you will be given a new registration code. The registration code can also be entered into any CashManager trial system along with a licence number to activate the system so you can start keying your business transactions - ideal if you wish to get started before the product pack arrives.

Can I create invoices and statements in CashManager?

Yes you can. CashManager has an Invoicing Module that can be used to effectively manage Customer (Debtors) and Supplier (Creditors) invoicing.  This module is available as an add-on and requires an upgrade that can be ordered simply through your Accountant or directly with Accomplish. Please see the Products menu online or contact Accomplish to find out more about the Invoicing Module.

Can I use CashManager on an Apple Mac?

CashManager has been designed to run on Microsoft Windows. However, you can still have CashManager run on an Apple Mac provided you have the appropriate software. We recommend you get in touch with your Mac provider and ask them what software you require to ensure you have everything you need to use a Windows based application on your Mac. To learn more about this, please refer to this article in Tech Day 14th Feb 2012.   “The truth is you have been able to run Microsoft Windows on Intel-based Macs for several years now.” To read more click here

Can I use CashManager for more than one business?

Yes you can. From CashManager 2008 onwards (March 2008 version) comes with 3 entities, allowing you to run 3 companies off the one licence. If you require more than 3, you can purchase add-on additional companies for a small charge. Existing clients who are operating earlier versions of CashManager with Multi-Business continue as normal. Please contact us if you require more information on purchasing additional companies.

Can I install a CashManager demonstration on my computer?

Yes you can. We encourage you to download our free trial version and evaluate it to really get a feel for how it may help you manage your books. On the home page you will see a button entitled 'Download a Free Trial'. Click this and follow the instructions to download the trial version to your computer. The trial version contains 200 transactions and you may take advantage of 30 days free Support. Should you decide to purchase the software, simply buy online or contact us to arrange payment. Together with your allocated licence and registration number, your trial version will become your full working version, with no need to re-enter your trial transactions.