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Quick to answer phones and very helpful with any questions and advise

- Sue, Caravan Repairs
27th May 2024
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Accomplish phone enquiries staff are very knowledgeable & helpful. Quickly guiding me on how to resolve my problems!

- Kelly Duncan, Self-Employed
20th May 2024
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CashManager is easy to use and the support is excellent.

- Jillian Leather, Landlord & Church Treasurer
6th May 2024
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As always CashManager was able to assist without any fuss, as a Trucker I rely on others expertise in IT work.

- Colin Manion, Transport
10th April 2024
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A simple accounting program that covers most aspects of running a business

- Geoff, Driver Training
13th March 2024
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Always available, or returns calls promptly.

- Linaire Hemi, Residencia Ltd, Consulting
11th March 2024
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I always find the support team at CashManager extremely helpful, and today was no exception! Very knowledgeable and able to solve problems quickly and easily, thanks team.

- Kezia Murphy, Champion and Murphy Racing
28th February 2024
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Monica was efficient and pleasant with it, despite having to deal with a tech luddite with little to no competence with Cash Manager. She was helpful and solved the problem with the document needed by my accountant.

- Richard Wood, Legal
19th February 2024
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Monica was brilliant in helping me install CM on my new laptop and a new company... on a Friday afternoon! Awesome support thank you.

- Lisa Jones, A B & L K Jones, HR & Compliance
16th February 2024
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Very helpful, very supportive and patient. Thank you.

- Lynnelle Barrett, Catlins Pleasant Point Farm Ltd
11th February 2024