What’s new in CashManager 2022

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Supplier Invoicing – now adds Product Received Entries for Stock

When adding or editing supplier invoices, you can now select stock items from the Customer Stock system and when you save the invoice CashManager prompts to create a Product Received record to add these items into your Stock system. The Supplier purchase price is also brought through from the Customer Product system. If you change the purchase price while adding or editing supplier invoices, you are prompted to update the master product record.

Fast Search – for searching larger stock system (activated in Setup, Options, Products)

Fast Search has been introduced for systems with large numbers of Product items. This new feature loads an empty Product window quickly which then allows you to use the Look For box to search for only what you are looking for. This feature only searches the Code, Name and Group columns – which allows it to complete the searches more quickly. To activate Fast Search go to Setup, Options on the menu then choose Products, Activate Fast Search.

Ability to search by bar code in Fast Search feature

When creating Invoices and searching for Products you can now click into the Look For box and scan a bar code to search for that product. For this feature to work you need to have pre-loaded the barcodes in each Product item.

New FastReports Save As format – MS Excel Workbook – No Headers or Merged Cells (*.xlsx)

We have a new Report export format - ‘No Headers or Merged Cells (*.xlsx)’ that saves the file in an excel spreadsheet format without any merged cells. This format allows you to easily manipulate the exported data.

Automatic GST and Bank Reconciliation reports now save with all options activated

When finalising your Bank Reconciliations and GST Returns CashManager automatically saves full reports so that these can be viewed later through the Reporting menu, View Bank Reconciliation Reports and View GST Returns.

Job Tracking menu and Toolbar button are now accessible with the Invoicing Only password

When you have setup Invoicing only passwords in CashManager the Job Tracking menu and features are now also accessible when this password is in use. Contact our support team if you would like assistance setting this up.

Un-finalise GST Return process is available in the Administrator menu

The Un-finalise GST Return feature has been moved to the Administrator login.

Bank Account List – Added check box to ‘Include accounts that are not used’

The Bank Account List now has a check box to ‘Include accounts that are not used.’


Australia Only

PayTek Payroll compatibility updates for older versions of PayTek

We have added compatibility updates so that the update of information from older versions of PayTek are more seamless.