Stock Management & Contract Pricing*

Add products and stock to improve performance and speed up your invoicing or quoting. Then let CashManager do the rest.


Eliminate manual quoting and invoicing

Add inventory items to reduce manual data entry and speed up quoting and invoicing – all while tracking your inventory sales and purchases.


Automatic notifications and re-ordering

Automatically receive notifications when you are low on stock and easily create re-order reports so you are never out of stock.


Smart inventory tracking

We make it easy to track the quantities and value of your inventory on hand, giving you better control of what you buy and sell.


Know where profit is coming from

Track sales of products or services and report on how much profit you have made by invoice, sales person, product and product groups.


Make stock counting easier

CashManager can’t do your stock counting but it can make it easier for you to get the updates into your system.


Track profitability easily

Track the profitability of your inventory easily by seeing which items are being sold and how much profit you’re making.

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I really appreciate the help I receive from your company - I would be completely lost otherwise.

- Karen
19th October 2015

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