• I have used CashManager for nearly 5 years now. I always need help with the accounting side of my job and the staff are very helpful and very very patient. I am not particularly accounting savvy, but I always feel I can call or chat online about things without feeling judged. It is a very good system and easy to follow so I am very glad my employer paid for my subscription. The program is easy to navigate, easy to understand and has plenty of helpful tools.

    - Karen Welsh, Master Electricians Canterbury & Westland Branch
    30th May 2017
  • Excellent Service by the Helpline. I was really happy that customer service could go into my CashManager remotely and clear my error. It's great getting help and having the problem solved within 5 minutes. Thanks

    - Kayleen Baird, Scott Baird Automotive Ltd
    12th May 2017
  • Where would I be without people like Sarah? Sarah and all the other support staff are always so easy to work with. Friendly and never make you feel useless. They will happily work through any issue you may have, no matter how big or small. Thank you team

    - Rita Frame, NZ Farm Tools Ltd, Engineering
    5th May 2017
  • An excellent program which is very easy and straightforward to use once the set-up is done. It does the thinking for you and saves time by completing words for you. CM also knows when you are making mistakes and flashes up alerts which really help.

    - Carolyn Mettrick, www.carolynmettricknutrition.co.nz, Health Provider
    4th May 2017
  • I have been an Accomplish Cash Manager user for many years. I feel the whole program is "Simply Perfect" and "Perfectly Simple" to use. I especially appreciate the support that I receive from the team at Accomplish, I only have to ring and they are there to help me with any queries. I would not contemplate using any other accounting software.

    - Leigh Ayers, Advanced Joinery Ltd
    19th April 2017
  • I really enjoy using the programme. It is very easy to use. The reports are easy to understand. It has helped me be more efficient in the business, and I think the business is more efficient as a result of using it.

    - Anne Martin, Pool Clinic
    19th April 2017
  • Every problem I have had with my CashManager (through my own fault) has been fixed on the phone straight away. The people I have dealt with have been easy to understand and patient, which makes someone like me with limited knowledge of computers a bit more confident. CashManager makes my work as far as GST easier to do, and keep track of customers easier.

    - Pam Marriner, Marriner Groundspread Ltd, Agriculture
    11th April 2017
  • On every occasion I have had to contact Accomplish whoever I have dealt with has been very obliging and courteous. Some of my questions are pretty basic ones, but that is never a problem I appreciate the helpfulness.

    - Evelyn King, King Engineering
    6th April 2017
  • The help line is very good. I can get any questions answered when I need them. Sometimes it is just not knowing where to start to look for the problem as I haven't been into that section before but the help gets me on the right track to correcting things.

    - Anonymous, Farming
    27th March 2017
  • I have found the CashManager program really suitable for our operation. I have been using it for many years now and like the enhancements.

    - Neville Grubb, Goldrush Events, Tourism
    27th March 2017