• Accomplish is so straightforward and easy to grasp, even for an 'older' person like me. It makes doing the books, including GST, for the family trust so easy. And the phone support is very good. Very, very patient with me.

    - Lynette Lingard, Maranatha Family Trust, Rentals
    12th October 2017
  • The team at Accomplish are very professional and friendly, I would not hesitate in recommending them to my friends and family. My issues were sorted very quickly and leaving me feeling very confident to carry on with my bookkeeping.

    - Josie Laggner, Laggner Constructions Pty Ltd
    11th October 2017
  • Whenever I call, any questions I have are always resolved. If unsure of what to do, the staff always stay on line and will talk you through the process.

    - Lesley Paracha, John Cordy Ltd, Auctioneers
    11th October 2017
  • I have been using CashManager for over 20 years. I find it very easy to use and trust the reports I get from it. I have tried other software, including MYOB and Xero and have found them very inferior compared to CashManager.

    - Esther Herbert, Standard 730 Ltd, Butchery / Accounting Services
    27th September 2017
  • After being recommended CashManager by our company accountant, we went with their advice. We highly recommend CashManager for all your business accounting requirements. If you're looking for excellent service, affordability and knowledgeable staff you will definitely get all that and some. Their accounting packages are excellent.

    - Colleen Jamieson, The Bike Maintenance Shop Ltd
    15th September 2017
  • Great software and great service. I have been using CashManager for over 20 years and I am still very happy using it. It is very forgiving if you make a mistake and makes it very easy to do my GST and provide figures for my accountant.

    - Dale Simkin, Pukanui Investments Limited, Property Management & Childcare
    8th September 2017
  • The help desk answered immediately after I had selected the service I required. Eugene's support was everything one was hoping for. He solved my issues on the spot by guiding me through the various steps in the application and was also able to log online into the application itself to assist me once I had given permission. All the issues were solved there and then.

    - William Ng Family Trust, Rental Properties
    29th August 2017
  • Our company has found the CashManager system ideal for all essential small and medium size business accounting requirements. It's simple to use and very well supported. There are also many enhancements incorporated in the accounting system that can easily be activated, if you need them.

    - David Webber, DWI Associates Ltd, Economic and financial advisory services
    14th August 2017
  • As a chartered accountant I have used Accomplish CashManager for at least two decades, for
    myself and my clients. It is an easy, cost-effective solution with fantastic support.

    - Jeannie Lacey, Chartered Accountant, www.businessfocuskapiti.com
    7th August 2017
  • I always tell people how easy CashManager is when completing my B.A.S and end of year Reports, and
    how the Support people are there to talk you through a problem or go into your work and sort things
    out. I have been to another Accounting Software business night and it was not only complex and also
    needing to purchase each section which I had trouble even understanding the very modern terms. I have
    been with Cash Manager since the G.S.T was introduced and I have never considered having any other

    - Diane Hawkins, Commercial Property Building & Management, WR & DE Hawkins
    5th August 2017