• As a chartered accountant I have used Accomplish CashManager for at least two decades, for
    myself and my clients. It is an easy, cost-effective solution with fantastic support.

    - Jeannie Lacey, Chartered Accountant, www.businessfocuskapiti.com
    7th August 2017
  • I always tell people how easy CashManager is when completing my B.A.S and end of year Reports, and
    how the Support people are there to talk you through a problem or go into your work and sort things
    out. I have been to another Accounting Software business night and it was not only complex and also
    needing to purchase each section which I had trouble even understanding the very modern terms. I have
    been with Cash Manager since the G.S.T was introduced and I have never considered having any other

    - Diane Hawkins, Commercial Property Building & Management, WR & DE Hawkins
    5th August 2017
  • When I contacted CashManager I was a bit dubious as I had made a few silly mistakes and
    could not rectify them. I thought whoever I speak with is going to tell me that I was stupid for
    what I had done. However none of that happened. Eugene went about his business of sorting
    my problem in a very pleasant manner. He explained to me what I had done wrong and how to
    prevent doing it again. What Eugene left me with was a new way of using CashManager that I
    did not know was possible. It has sped up my operation and made my record keeping far more
    accurate. Thank you Eugene, I really appreciate your assistance.

    - Gordon Harrop, Registered Motor Vehicle Trader, Egmont Autos Ltd
    2nd August 2017
  • Great support, easy to follow and understand. Not only was the issue fixed it was also explained to prevent it occurring again.

    - Beatrice, Strata 10 Pty Ltd, Manufacturing
    25th July 2017
  • I have been using CashManager for over 20 years and I love the simplicity of the program. I very rarely have any issues, and none of these issues take too long to fix. I feel the remote access is great as I am not program savvy.

    - Sharon Simpson, Equine Communication, Plumbing/Bookkeeping
    15th July 2017
  • This software is so user friendly and the support is second to none. I know exactly what I need and
    how I am going to do it.

    - Karmon Duncan, Bob Duncan Scaffolding Ltd, www.bobduncanscaffolding.co.nz
    5th July 2017
  • CashManager is an easy to use tool that speeds up the processing of my GST. It used to take me about 3 hours every couple of months, now it takes less than an hour.

    - Caroline, Atlus Ltd
    1st July 2017
  • I have spoken to Eugene on several occasions and he is always helpful and knows what he is doing. CashManager is a very useful tool for running a small business, making the processes far less labour intensive.

    - Cheryl Allison, APV Plumbing
    28th June 2017
  • I have found cash manager to be quite user friendly. Anything I'm not sure of, the staff are more than helpful with.

    - HRT Builders, Construction
    20th June 2017
  • I have been using CashManager for 20 years and rate it highly. Easy to learn, well supported, uncomplicated.

    - Barry Jack, Mobil Redwood, Fuel Retail
    19th June 2017