• Very professional, helpful and great back up for me when I need support. Thank you.

    - Judith Larsen, E W & J M Larsen, Farming
    2nd September 2020
  • I was very pleased with how easily and quickly she was able to resolve my issue.

    - Elizabeth Brugh, Brugh & Duffin, Horticulture
    27th August 2020
  • Accomplish CashManager allows my company to operate efficiently, with current data available anywhere in the world.

    - Geoff Robertson, G D Robertson & Co, Welding & Metal Polishing
    22nd August 2020
  • Ankita Patel is fantastic! She stuck with me and my problem until it was solved. She did not rush me through my problem and was very patient.

    - Shep Shepard, Dr AJ Duchow, Medical
    19th August 2020
  • Very easy system to use, help desk is excellent and always resolves things fast.

    - Susie, Medical
    17th August 2020
  • I have used this program for I am guessing 20 years. Have stayed with them as it is a simple program, staff help out when needed and I feel comfortable. We use 2 accounting firms, the bigger one loves the program and Transfer files the other just reads off what I give him but we get the end result. I have tried lots of other programs over the years Attache MYOB etc.

    - Don Phillips, My Car Storage Pty Ltd, Automotive & Property Development
    13th August 2020
  • Mandy resolved my problem quickly and efficiently and was lovely to deal with. I couldn't be happier with the support I received.

    - Debra O'Donnell, BL Marine
    7th August 2020
  • Nothing is ever a problem. I have never had an unresolved issue. Always a neat experience. I wish some of our other service providers could take a lesson. User since 1994.

    - BIll Bray, The Canlis Trust, Property (Retired)
    3rd August 2020
  • Thanks for the support to reinstall CashManager on my computer after my hard drive died. Quick and easy process.

    - Alice Jack Limited, Fuels
    3rd August 2020
  • The support person I dealt with was very polite and fixed my request instantly.

    - Sheryl Matthewson, BMW Properties Ltd, Commercial Property Owners
    28th July 2020