Does Accomplish provide support for CashManager?

Yes. Accomplish offers you the Awesome Support and Update Programme, which includes unlimited phone and email support to our team from 8am to 7pm (NZ time) Monday to Friday. As a member of Support, you are also entitled to regular software updates when they become available and tips and tricks from Accomplish. All new systems come with 12 months membership of the Awesome Support and Update Programme. After this time it is voluntary to renew. We support the current version and one prior. Please contact us for more information.

How do I find my CashManager Licence Number?

The licence number is located in the Help menu of CashManager. Click on the Help dropdown menu and select 'About CashManager'. The pop up screen will show you your licence number, along with name, registration code, release date and version number.

Can I use CashManager for my Trust Accounts?

Yes you can. CashManager Standard offers a special Trust facility enabling you to set up all your trustees and to effectively record and track the movement of funds between all parties.  There is also a special trust ledger report showing the balance and movement of funds between each Trustee.

Why is CashManager better than other packages?

CashManager is considered to be 'The Simpler Alternative' for businesses who want to concentrate on doing the bookkeeping basics without the need to fully understand double-entry bookkeeping principles. CashManager's long-term cost of ownership is considerably less, especially since you don't require any training. What's more, your GST/sales tax errors will be a thing of the past meaning the data you send to your Accountant will be right the first time. The bottom line is - you will be confident using CashManager and its reporting, which will help you save time and money.

Can I import bank statements from Internet Banking?

Yes you can. CashManager has a facility to import bank statements from all of the major banks in New Zealand including: ASB; ANZ; BNZ; TSB; National Bank, Westpac and RABO Bank. The import facility is also perfect for importing credit card transactions including AMEX, Visa and Mastercard. You can also import bank statement transactions from banking software such as PC Banking from the BNZ, Fastnet Office from the ASB and Direct Link from the National Bank.

Is CashManager compatible with my Accountant's software?

Yes. CashManager is compatible with all major practice management software including Accountants Office from MYOB, Solution 6 and Practice Accounting from APS. For more information please contact us or your Accountant

The Lock file has grown too large. What should I do?

Run the Cleanup utility (Start | Programs | Accomplish | Cleanup Utility) Then add this line to the [Settings] section if the Cashwin.ini file SetPrivateDir=True (Contact the Support Desk if you need help doing this).

List Index out of Bounds. What does this mean?

This most commonly occurs with PCs that have never had a printer driver installed. Install or re-install Printer Driver/s. If the error appears when right clicking in Bank Statement import screen - please contact Support for help correcting validation errors.

I get 'Access Violation' error when opening

This suggests an abnormal shutdown. Run CashManager Cleanup Utility: (Start>Programs>Accomplish>CashManager Cleanup Utility) and then reboot.

Bank Statement Import gives me an error message

If you get an error message stating - "Access violation denied" or "I/O error xxx" there are few workarounds for that: 1. Corrupt file or damaged disk where file is saved. Re-download file with a different name. OR the file is open in excel. Close it and try the import again 2. Whenever you download the bank statement from your bank website it is advisable to always "SAVE" the file and not "OPEN" it. Incase if you still run into errors or any other problem, please call our support desk or send an email tosupport@accomplishglobal.com stating the error message that you are getting.

Could not open system file to identify the backup

In most cases the disk is write protected although this error can also mean the disk is faulty.

Restore asks for 2nd backup disk when only one was used to backup

You are trying to restore a backup from a newer version of CashManager than the one you have running at the moment.

Bank Statement Import for new ANZ?

THIS IS FOR NEW ZEALAND CUSTOMERS ONLY As ANZ and National Bank have merged, the bank format has changed when importing a CSV file. The instructions below will allow you to import the new format: 1. Download the latest version of CashManager from our website. The latest version should be 2012.06 and release date of 02/11/2012 or greater. (In CashManager click on the "Help" menu and select "About CashManager")       Click to download latest version (Login/Sign Up Required) 2. After updating CashManager, open your company 3. At the top click on "Setup" menu and select "Bank Accounts" 4. Select you bank account and at the bottom select "Statement Import" tab 5. On the right hand side click on Edit and on the left next to "Bank and Format" make sure to select ANZ bank and ANZ new for the format 6. Click on Accept and then Close You will now be able to import the new ANZ format. If you have any more questions, please give us a call 0800 707 111 or email support@accomplishglobal.com

Does CashManager work on Windows 8?

There are 2 versions of Windows 8, namely Windows 8 Pro and RT. CashManager will ONLY work on Windows 8 Pro. It will NOT work on Windows RT. Please ask the salesperson before purchasing.

How do I download update or full version of CashManager?

Step 1: Click on the "SIGN UP" button on the top right hand corner of the website. once you are registered on the website login with your "username" and "password". if you already have a "username" and "password" then click on "LOGIN".

Step 2. Click on the green button "Download Latest Version" on that page. If you wish to download the full version then click on "Update Files" under the "SUPPORT" tab. This will bring you to the "Update to the latest versionpage. Click on "Update here" to download the latest update if you already have CashManager or Click on "Full Download here" if you want to install the full version on the computer for the first time.  

Why is file access denied when backing up to a CD?

If you are using the CD as you would a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk, the CD must be CD-RW and must be formatted. This error generally occurs on unformatted CD's.

Why don't my reports fit on the page properly?

Either there is no printer driver installed (in which case, the solution is to install a driver), or the Acceleration for your graphics hardware is too high. To change it: Control Panel->Settings->System->Performance->Graphics move the 'Graphics Acceleration' back a notch. Note - Win XP Graphics Accelerator is located in Control panel>Display->Settings->Advance->Troubleshoot.

Why do I get an 'Illegal Operation' error?

Click 'details' to find the module that caused the illegal operation. If CashWin32.exe, run the Cleanup utility & reboot. If IDPDX., run the CLeanup utility, delete and re-install the Borland Database Engine. (The Cleanup utility is launched via Start | Programs | Accomplish | Cleanup Utility).