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What’s new in CashManager 2020

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Purchase Orders – new Product Ordering

Purchase Orders now cater for ordering products.  When creating or editing Purchase Orders use the ‘Product’ button to display a list of the products you sell.  Selecting a product returns the settings from the Product’s ‘Supplier Purchase Order Details’ section – Product Code, Description, Cost Price and Re-order Quantity.

Note:  Before you can use this new feature, you have to contact our Support Team so they can convert your invoicing to our new FastReports feature.

Customer Products – new 'Supplier Purchase Order Details'

In Add/Edit Products use the ‘Supplier Purchase Order Details’ section to hold information that is pulled through into Purchase Orders (Re-order level, Re-order Quantity, Purchases Account, Purchase Price).  The Default Supplier setting is used when entering Products Received records (see Purchase Orders above).

Bank Account List Report – now shows closing balance as at date

Bank Account List Report can now be generated to show a bank account closing balance as at any date.  In the Reports screen choose the Bank Account List report and enter the required date into the ‘Show closing balance as at’ box.

Customer Invoicing now shows Stock On Hand for all product items

When adding products into Customer invoices there is a new 'On Hand' column that shows the current stock on hand for each product item.  To see this column go to Setup, Options, Products and tick Activate Product Management System.

Updating Product Prices can now be done based on Cost Plus a %

In Customers, Update Product prices there is a new tab called 'Cost Plus' where you can set the percentage or fixed amount to be added on to the Cost price and have the results populate the designated selling prices for all selected price lists and groups.

Delete Inactive Customer, Products and Suppliers - Print List feature

Delete Inactive Customers, Products & Suppliers has a print button so you can print the list of inactive entries before deleting them. The resulting list has a 'Last Date' column which records the last date the customer, product or supplier was invoiced. If the last invoice was prior to 2012 (when significant changes were made to the invoice matching process in CashManager) then the column will be blank.

New Salesperson column in Customer invoicing screen

The new Salesperson column can be seen in the Customer invoicing screen if 'Allocate Salesperson to Invoices ' is ticked in Setup, Options, Customers.

New option to Prompt before re-setting invoices

In Setup, Options, Notifications you can tick 'Warn before resetting invoices’.  Then if you choose the 'Redo 'button when creating a Customer invoice, you will be prompted ‘Are you sure you want to restart this invoice’.

Customer Listing report shows Customer Ageing setting

The Customer Listing report now has a column which shows the ageing for each customer e.g  S7 means this customers payment terms are ‘set number of days’ and the number of days is 7. This is used with the new Activity Statement feature where the ‘ageing’ calculation is based on the individual Customers Payment Terms ie: you can print out the customer list to find out what Aging will be used in the Activity Statement. The new Activity Statement backwards calculates the ageing from the ‘To’ date - using the individual customers payment terms (not the Default payment terms in Setup Options, Customers – which is used for Statements).

Customer Detailed Sales Report – new 1 month option

The Detailed Sales Report can now be generated for 1 month as well as 12 months.

Customer Quotes – new status’ Open, Accepted and Rejected

Customer quotes now have a status setting so that you can see if they are Open, Accepted or Rejected and print reports for each of these status’. To change the status right click on the quote and choose 'Set Status'.  You can view the items with each status in the Quotes screen by changing the ‘Display’ list box to Open, Accepted, Rejected or Show All. The Display drop down box is beneath the 'Show ' drop down box at the top left of the screen.

Customer Quote Status will now show in the Customer Transaction List for quotes. There is a choice of Open, Accepted, Rejected or Show All.

Suppliers Payments Wizard – new Automatic Payment setting

The new Automatic Payment (A/P) setting has been introduced for Supplier invoices that are paid by Automatic Payment and should not be selected when using the Supplier Pay Wizard.  This option is set for each Supplier in Add/Edit Suppliers, Other tab, ‘Preferred Payment method.’  When selecting invoices to be paid in the Supplier Invoicing screen, using the right mouse button and choose the new option called 'Select all Due (excludes A\P and Cheque Pay Methods).

Customer & Suppliers Notes can now be edited from within Invoices

When creating or editing Customer/Supplier invoices you can now choose the ‘Customer/Supplier Note’ tab and choose the ‘Edit Note’ button to make changes.  To view the Note tabs simply ‘widen’ the invoicing window.

Suppliers Invoices now display the Supplier’s bank account number

The Add/Edit Supplier invoice screen now displays the Suppliers Bank account number if it has been loaded into the supplier record.

Business Partners – additional features and new tab in Setup, Options

CashManager recognises if the CashManager Licence in use is owned by a Business Partners and if so activates the ‘Move\Split’ button in the Transactions, Browse and Edit screen. The ‘Move/Split’ button allows the Business partner to move all transactions within a given date range to a different chart of account code or to split transactions by percentage to a different chart of account code transaction.

There is also a new Business Partners Tab in Setup, Options where additional Business Partner options are available such as ‘Do not do backups prior to upgrading companies to newer CashManager versions’ and ‘Add client email to destination email list’.