What’s new in CashManager 2021

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CashManager 2021 now uses FastReports – which offers more advanced functionality than the previously used RAVE reporting system.

If you have customised Invoices, Quotes, Statements, etc, where you have added Bank Account details, Logo’s Terms of Trade, etc, - these should be converted in the FastReports system in CashManager 2020 BEFORE you update to CashManager 2021 (RAVE is not shipped in CashManager 2021). Our Support Team will need to assist you with this conversion process.

If you choose to install CashManager 2021 without first updating your Invoicing layouts in CashManager 2020 you will automatically be switched to the new default FastReports layouts which will not have your customisations. You can easily add your Bank Account details and Logo in Setup, Options, Preferences.


Automatic Version Updates – downloaded from within CashManager (excludes Server Installations) Note: Server installations need to be activated manually using the new Help, Check for Updates menu.

CashManager now prompts you to install updates when they are available.

New FastReports - Editable Reports

CashManager now uses FastReports for all printing services. FastReports allows you to modify your Invoices, Quotes, Statements, Purchase Orders, Reports, etc.

Customising Invoices, Quotes, Statements, Purchase Orders, etc – can be actioned through Setup on the main menu, then Stationery Layouts, Edit Layouts.

Customising Reports – when in the Reports window (where you print the reports from) select the report you wish to customise, then hold down the ‘Control+Shift’ keys and click the ‘View’ button. This creates a custom FR3 report file in the company’s data folder and takes you into the FastReports editor where you can make changes. The newly saved custom report will be used instead of the defaults that are shipped with CashManager. We recommend you make a backup before editing your reports – so you can restore if you don’t like the results of your changes.

Note: Customised reports are not updated if later changes are made to the shipped CashManager reports. Changes to the reports are limited to available data fields for each report type, and some items such as line shading cannot be edited as these are controlled through the CashManager Setup, Options, Preferences, % Grey Scale setting. If you would like additional fields added please call our Support Team to see if the fields can be made available for the report.

Set Default Save Name for Customised FastReport Layouts (Invoices, Quotes, Statements, Purchase Orders, etc)

The new FastReports system allows you to specify the File Name for Invoices, Quotes, Statements, Purchase Orders, etc, when emailing or saving as a PDF.

To set your Save name, go into the Print button of any Invoices, Quotes, Statement, Purchase Orders, etc, right mouse click on the layout you want to rename and select ‘Change PDF File Name’. Enter the File Name you wish to be used for this document type and choose Accept. When you save or email this type of document CashManager will use the Name specified.

Customer Back Order Tracking and Reporting

Entering Back Order quantities into invoices now automatically adds records in to the Back Orders menu found under the Customers menu. You can use this new feature to track and invoice Back Order items as they come into stock. Save time by generating multiple back-order invoices for different customers all at the same time. Note: Once invoices have been accepted no further updates are sent through to the Back Order records – these need to be updated manually, or create new invoices for additional Back Order items.

Banking Window - Account Code Column

The Banking window now has an option to view the account code which shows the account code the transaction is posted to or 'Multi' if the transaction is multi-dissected. To display this column, right mouse click on any column heading, then choose 'Show\Hide' columns and tick the 'Account' box.

View Original Statement Data - Edit Bank Account Transactions

When bank transactions are added into CashManager using the EziFeed Service or CSV File Import – the original Bank Statement text is saved with the Deposit or Payment record. You can then view the original Bank Statement text by editing the bank transaction in the Banking screen and clicking on the Elipses button located to the right of the Payee/Payer Search button.

Customers– New Default Email & Statement Email Addresses

You can now set ‘Invoice Email’ and ‘Statement email’ defaults as well as the ‘Default Email’, allowing you to have a different email for Invoices, Statements and general communication. These can be set in the Customers, Add/Edit Customers, Contacts tab.

Delete Invoices Password

In Setup, Passwords you can now add a Delete Invoices password that restricts deletion of invoices to staff who have the assigned password.

Administrators – Audit Report for Deleted Invoices

When Invoices are deleted using the new Delete Invoices password a log record is created with the details of deletion time, date, and user details. This report is available on the Administrator menu which is visible when the Administrator password is used to open the company.

Bulk Editing Chart of Accounts – Map to code (used to export data to Xero)

It is now possible to bulk edit the ‘Map-to code’ in Setup, Chart of Accounts. Right mouse click anywhere in the Chart of Accounts screen and select 'Change Map-To 'codes, then enter each code and press down arrow to quickly move down through the list updating each entry as needed.

New OFX Bank Reconciliation CSV File Import option

In Setup, Bank Account, Reconciliation screen there is a new OFX File Import option which is available as an export format on most bank website.


Transaction List Report by Parent - (Parent\Child Feature)

When the Parent\Child feature is utilised, the Transaction list can now be printed for a Parent.

Parent Monthly Invoice (Parent\Child Feature)

Under Customers, Statements, Standard Statements - there is a new ‘Parent Invoice’ layout that prints all items sold for all 'Child' entities for the month.

Customer Delivery Schedule Report – by Customer Range

The Customer Delivery Schedule report now has an option to enter a customer range.

Add Invoice/Statement Logo’s and Bank Account Details in Setup Options

In Setup, Options, Preferences you can enter your bank account details and import your logo to appear in your Invoices, Statements, etc.


Archived Remittances

In the Suppliers menu, choose ‘Archived Remittances’ to view previously generated Remittance documents. If the Remittances are emailed then individual PDF documents are saved here for each Supplier.

Purchase Orders - Import\Export Option

You can Export and Import Purchase orders via the Suppliers main menu.

Trust Account Ledger

Client Balances Report Includes Matter Details & Sort by Code

Client Balances Report now has an option to include 'Matter' details and also sort by Name or by Code.

Client Balances Report - New Stale Balances option

The Client Balances Report has a new check box option ‘Only stale clients older than’ – by selecting this and then setting the month for the aging you will print a report of all Matters with no activity for the specified months. NOTE: This is a new feature so no historical date information is available. You can manually add the stale date for each Clients Matters into Setup, Chart of Accounts, select the client account code and enter the last transactions date into the ‘Oldest Transaction’ box. Going forward the ‘Oldest Transactions’ date is automatically updated as you add bank transactions into the banking screens.

Australian Systems

New ANZ Transactive CSV import option

The CSV import format for ANZ Australia Transactive has been added.

New Heritage Bank AU CSV Bank Import format

The CSV import format for Heritage Bank has been added.

New Automatic Import of Payroll Files

Automatic payroll file import is now an option at Setup, Options, Features. Nominate a file path and Name where your payroll files will be located for importing. When you open your company in CashManager the Payroll files will be imported automatically. If you Payroll system is not supported in CashManager please call our Support Team to see if it can be added into CashManager.

Bookkeepers/Business Partners

Bureau Email Service – so your clients are copied in on all email communication with their customers

In Setup, Options, Business Partner – you can tick ‘Add Client email to destination email list’ to ensure your clients get copies of all emails sent from their Company data in your CashManager system.