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Evaluating accounting software?

Make sure you really check out the things you and your team need to do every day work well.

Really check the product matches the marketing.

Try to...

Ask about...

Add Staff & Clients
Is it easy? Check contact details and permissions.
Any Hidden Costs
Are there setup, training and install costs?
GST Return
Does it remember your GST filing settings (payments or invoice)?
Data Security
Request information about data security and how data is handled.
Run a Report
How easy is this to find and produce?
How quickly will you be “up & running”?
Test the Support
Ask some hard questions. See how they respond. Can you phone?
Staff Training
Do they offer training or training resources?
Supplier Payments
Is it easy and straight forward to do as staff may use this heavily.
Post Sales Support
Ask about time of day and expected response times.
Create an Invoice
How easy is it? How many invoice types can you choose from?
Can you do your own?
Reconcile Your Bank Account
Is it easy to do Does the software check for duplicates?

How is CashManager different than MYOB?

If you test the items above, you will find although CashManager isn’t marketed as heavily, it is stronger in many areas that can affect your daily productivity. These are the main differences, but to compare fully, check out the ‘Feature Links’ below.




Usage options
online or desktop
Online but able to work offline at times
Track record
Proven established 25 years
25 years company, product is new
Payment options
Software one off payment or monthly
Support real people based in New Zealand by phone 8am to 7pm
Phone based poor market feedback, 9am - 8pm
Automated bank feeds
Bank feeds with automatic error detection (Online and desktop products)
Bank feeds online only, extra fee, no error detection
New Zealand owned, based and run
Overseas ownership
Ease of use
Uncomplicated, easiest to use
Hard to use
Brand claim
Backup & restore
Company backup and restore
Company back up and restore
2 hours/ $240 … all sorted
MYOB therapist or your accountant
Yes and developed and supported by CashManager
Yes but be careful of3rd party product - extra cost, who supports?
Yes with screen readers, magnification software, and fully keyboard navigable - JAWS, Window Eyes, Dolphin, etc
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CashManager’s best features

These are the key points of difference that CashManager has over most of the competition. We have other features of course but these are just the ones that we do very well or that we do and the others don’t.

CashManager’s Strong Points

"Bullet Proof", market proven –25 year heritage
The best support service in the market – bar none!
Online or desktop – you choose
Very flexible and easily customised
Simple cashbook through to full GL – your choice
The smartest accounting software option!
We will have you "up & running" in under 2 hours

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