The CashManager Difference - Judith Herbert

The CashManager Difference - Judith Herbert

“Easy to use from top to bottom” is how Judith Herbert would describe CashManager’s software. As an experienced Chartered Accountant, Judith understands the importance of finding effective and efficient ways to manage her client's accounts.

Throughout her career, Judith has used just about every piece of accounting software available. Everything from the traditional Microsoft Excel through to MYOB and Xero. However, her favourite- CashManager.

In a brief but enlightening chat, Judith explained that CashManager provides complete visibility over everything she needs including, managing and tracking the client's accounts throughout the year.

“I do everything on CashManager, it’s particularly good for managing and calculating GST and producing reports” she explained.

Judith told us how CashManager makes collating everything easy; it saves her a lot of time as she organises client’s files before filing for tax returns.

Throughout our conversation, Judith continued to reinforce the easy and positive experience of CashManager, explaining that over the years as clients have seen the benefits of CashManager to their business, they have implemented it in their household accounting.

The most memorable occasion, she laughed, was one of her clients ran her own bookkeeping business, on top of managing the household finances. After Judith introduced her to CashManager and demonstrated the easy and comprehensiveness of the software, “she actually put it to work for all her own clients”.

This not only highlights the versatility of CashManager, with its multiple layers and uses but just how easy it is to engage with.

“I don’t think I use every part of the software, as I should but I know that if I ever need to do something new or different, I’ll be able to do it (on CashManager)”.