‘I can’t ask for anything more. It’s all there and very simple’.

The Smart Choice for Small Businesses - Maree Gregory

For small businesses, it’s not always necessary to hire a team to take care of the finances. With the right accounting software and a good accountant, you can keep on top of the books, stay compliant, and understand your business performance -even when you have no prior experience.

This is true for Maree Gregory who acts as the bookkeeper for her husband’s small building company in addition to her day job.

When you’re not from an accounting background, it’s important to choose an accounting system that is simple to use, without sacrificing the necessary elements.

‘For a small business where we do not need multiple unnecessary features, the simplicity of CashManager is the perfect choice’. Maree told us in a recent chat.

For a small business, CashManager accounting software has everything you need to keep your finances in shape and understand your business performance at a glance. CashManager was recommended to Maree by her accountant about eight years ago. ‘She used it and thought it would be of use to us’.

Maree hasn’t tried any other software on the market as CashManager has everything necessary to run the accounts for her husband’s business. She tells me that a friend has used a competitor and had dreadful experience. ‘It was a convoluted mess. I like the simplicity of CashManager. It has everything I need’.

To stay competitive in the market, software is often loaded with shiny new features that can be difficult to navigate, and quite unnecessary for small to medium-sized businesses. Maree states that this is not the case with CashManager.

‘I can’t ask for anything more. It’s all there and very simple’.

So much so that when Maree replaced her computer, she bought and installed the latest programme. ‘It was easy to reinstall with no problems’.

CashManager is great for small to medium-sized businesses looking to stay organised and stay compliant. ‘We’re not a big business, but we use it to for all the necessary things to run a business and stay compliant, including bank reconciliations once a month’.

“I carry out a bank reconciliation once a month to make sure everything matches. It does the end of month and year reporting which I then take to the accountant - it’s very easy!”

Maree is also a self-confessed old-fashioned and uses cheques to pay the business bills. ‘I can enter in all the costs for the cheques and out they come.’

Maree and CashManager help the business to stay compliant by lodging business activity statements (BAS) every three months. This helps the business know what tax is owed at a glance. ‘I use the tax activity and statement reporting. Everything is listed, and what I need to pay’.

It doesn’t get easier than that!

Maree is very satisfied with CashManager Accounting Software and will happily recommend it to others.

‘I am happy to recommend CashManager to anyone looking for a software for their business. Like I say, we’re not a big business, but it helps us with everything we do’.

If you would like to find out how CashManager can help your business, start your free trial today.