What’s new in CashManager 2016

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Consistency Changes

Changes have been made in a number of screens and reports to ensure that deposits show
as positive amounts and payments show as negative amounts where Debit and Credit
columns are not used.

Purchase Orders

You can now enter and track Purchase Orders in CashManager through the new Supplier,
Purchase Order menu. Once an order has been entered its status is set to ‘Outstanding’.
When the order has been converted to an invoice, the status will change to ‘completed’ and
is available via the drop down list in ‘Display Transaction’ .You can manually change the
status of a purchase order by right clicking it and select ‘set status’ from drop down menu.

In consultation with our clients we have chosen not to integrate Purchase Orders with the
Products/Received feature which ensures CashManager remains uncomplicated. When the
stock arrives you simply enter the items into the Customer, Products/Received Adjustments

Job Tracking Budgets – Opening Balances

With the introduction of unlimited budgets in CashManager 2015 we have now expanded
this so that you can setup budget opening balances for Jobs per chart of account code.
When editing a budget that is attached to a job you can now enter in Opening Balances or
you can use the Import button at the bottom of the screen to import last years actual figures
as the opening balance.

See Transactions, Budgets, then Edit a budget.

Job Tracking Codes – Increased to 30 digits

Job Tracking codes have been increased to cater for 30 characters

EziFeed Bank Transactions – Remove Exclusions Text

Banks sometimes change what comes through in the bank transaction details so we have
added a feature that allows you to “exclude” text from the bank statement details that you do
not want brought into CashManager. These items can include text such as Direct Payment,
Direct Deposit, Card numbers, etc. This feature is activated in Setup, Bank Accounts, Edit
bank account then choose the Reconciliation tab at the bottom of the screen and tick
Remove Exclusions text from EziFeed and CSV data. Once this is ticked and accepted you
can then go into Setup, Maintain Name and Lists, and in the Show list choose Bank
Statement Exclusions text. Use the Load default button to bring in the default list and you
can then add and delete exclusions text as needed. If you have imported the bank data the
exclusions text will work when you next import your data.

The following Transactions Search and Replace feature can be used to update historical text
that has been imported into CashManager that you wish to change.

Transaction Search & Replace

There is a new Replace button in the Transactions, Browse and Edit screen that allows you
to search for specific Payee and Payer text and replace it with the preferred name you wish
to use in CashManager. This is useful if you have memorised transactions and not entered
in a preferred name to be shown in the transactions and banking screen. In this scenario the
bank statement text is used which is often not what you want to see in CashManager.

See Transactions, Browse and Edit on the menu.

Changes to Financial Budgets

The budget Opening Balance input field (Future Year budgets only) is now located in the
Editing budget screen.

Import budget features are now available from within the Editing Budget screen. To import
actual figures from another CashManager company into a budget - Edit the budget and
select the Import button at the bottom of the screen. Then select ‘update budget with actuals
in selected company.’

You can also set your preferred Current Year budget and Future Year budget so that these
are automatically selected when you are printing reports. To do this go into the
Transactions, Budgets screen and use the new right mouse click menu items.

Activate Duplex Printing in Setup, Options

Duplex Printing can now be activated through Setup, Options, Preferences. You can also
set CashManager to prompt to print Duplex each time you choose print.

Parent\Child invoices

In the Customer Invoicing screen, the Drop down box to show ‘All Customers’ or ‘Selected Customer’ has a new option to show ‘Selected Parent’. If there is only 1 Parent setup in your customer list they will automatically be displayed, otherwise you can use the Search button to select the Parent you wish to display invoices for. All ‘child’ invoices related to that Parent will then be displayed in the Customer invoicing screen. This is useful for selecting and emailing some or all invoices that relate to the selected parent.

Customer Invoicing – In-Screen Matching

The Customer Invoicing screen now has a’Total Selected’ box situated just under the Match
button. This box shows the total amount of items ticked so that you can see if what is ticked
= Zero or not. Many customers are now memorising their EziFeed deposits/payments –
which allows them to quickly complete their bank reconciliation. Then later when they have
time they are using the Invoicing In-screen Match button to quickly match deposits or
payments in bulk. Call our support team if you would like a demonstration of this.

Copy Recurring Invoice to Other Customers/Suppliers

It is now possible to copy a recurring invoice to other customers. From within the Customer,
Recurring Invoices screen, right click on the invoice and select Copy Invoice to other
Customer from the menu.

Supplier Reports

In CashManager 2015 we introduced a new Supplier Invoice Reference field. There is now
a Show Invoice Reference Details check box in the following Supplier reports; Supplier
Ledger Report, Matching Report, Transactions List.

Email from within the Customer/Supplier Invoicing screens.

There is a new Email button at the top right of the Customer/Supplier Invoicing windows that
allow you to quickly email the selected Customer/Supplier. NOTE: This feature does not
attach invoices – to send invoices you still need to select the invoices and choose Print ,
Bulk Email, or Preview.

Customer EDI Export now includes Discounts

The Customer export option for EDI invoices now includes discounts in the export file.

Chart of Accounts – New Quick Menu’s

When in Setup, Chart of accounts the right mouse click menu now has options to Edit chart
of account code and to Delete chart of account code.

New Accountants Export Format to CCHiFrim

The accountants export file window now has an option for CCHifirm

Accountants and Business Partners Only


We have introduced a Business Partner only EziReconcile feature that allows your
customers to code bank transactions only using our new EziFeed feature. This feature is for
coding of bank transactions only and allows memorising of bank transactions.

Move & Split Feature

At the request of accountants we have added a Transactions Move and Split feature which
facilitates searching for a single chart of account codes and splitting across multiple chart of
account codes.