Gordon Harrop

I have been a user of CashManager since 2012. I purchased CashManager as my preferred accounting system for the business as I had had experience with CashManager for a number of years watching my son run their Hair Salon business on CashManager. I was very impressed with the simplicity of using CashManager and what he was able to do with it. This was back in 2003 or 2004. In 2008 we took over their hair salon business and stuck with CashManager again because of the simplicity to use it. My daughter soon became very proficient in operating CashManager in the salon. When I started a Used Car Business I chose CashManager and I have never had any regrets. The programme is excellent but the service and advice that I have been able to get from the Accomplish team has always been absolutely priceless. It doesn't really matter who you talk too every team member knows exactly what to do and to watch them rectifying an error on my computer is mind boggling. I would strongly recommend CashManager to anyone wanting a fantastic accounting package for their business big or small. CashManager has a system that will suit you and your business. The graphs and reports available to your business are very informative and helpful in looking at your business growth and what you need to do to help grow your business further.