Chad Thompson, NZ Classic Yachts of NZ

I have used CashManager accounting packages since earlier this century (2000 or was it 1999?). It has always given us the confidence to do our invoicing and writing up on cashbooks for reporting and GST purposes. It’s an indispensable business tool.
I have found it to be an intuitive accounting package and easier to use than MYOB and Xero. I have used both the desk top and Cloud versions of Cash Manager and really appreciate the ease of use and reporting processes.
The accuracy for accounting purposes; the easy invoicing process, and the support offered by your staff gives us (as small business operators) a great deal of confidence and saves us money when it comes to our accountant doing our end of year accounts.
Thanks for all your product development and support. The only concern is that it is not Apple compatible; and so have to maintain emulation software. Whilst the CashManager online option solves this, like all on line solutions it requires an ongoing monthly fee.