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Cashmanager | 5 years ago

NZ Accounting Software Develops Groundbreaking Integration

New Zealand accounting software CashManager is the first to achieve one of the holy grails in accounting software: direct GST integration with Inland Revenue.

Filing GST returns will become a whole lot easier for businesses using the accounting software from today — they’ll be able to send their GST return to Inland Revenue in less than a minute.

CashManager is making this service available to both its online customers and its PC-based customers.

CashManager is the first accounting software programme to successfully offer this feature on Inland Revenue’s new Gateway Service.

The Gateway Service is the portal between the private sector and Inland Revenue allowing software developers to integrate their products with the tax department.

CashManager Managing Director Grant Hewson says the new feature will make filing GST a breeze for users.

“Integrating directly with Inland Revenue’s Gateway Service eliminates the common risk of human error when manually transferring data from one system to another. Thanks to CashManager, filing tax returns is just a few clicks away; it’s seamless.

“On top of this, amendments to GST filing periods can be actioned from within CashManager instead of having to go through Inland Revenue.”

Other big name cloud based software companies have worked with Inland Revenue for some time on this GST integration. It took CashManager just two months to achieve this result on the new Gateway Service.

“Our system is smart and built for constant development,” says CashManager developer Penny Slater.

“Data security and systems reliability are our two most important priorities so we’re pleased to say the integration is fully tested and robust. Our clients can rest easy and enjoy the extra time they will free up every year thanks to the integration.”

The CashManager team worked closely with Inland Revenue to deliver the feature, a coveted task amongst software gurus, says Hewson.

“CashManager is the first in the industry to connect via Inland Revenue’s new Gateway Services — this really is quite a feat for us as one of the smaller players.

“Automation is something Inland Revenue is really focussing on and it is great to see them working so closely with the private sector.

“The less time Inland Revenue staff have to spend manually handling things like GST returns, the more time they can spend assisting New Zealanders in other ways.”

CashManager is a New Zealand owned and operated online and desktop accounting software programme designed to make the money side of business easy.