CashManager Standard

CashManager Standard is the perfect accounting software for most people. It has all the bookkeeping features you would expect, plus an easy budgeting feature and it produces comprehensive reports to help you manage your business.

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Utilising a budgeting tool

Allowing for the accurate allocation of your business cashflow into the future growth of the operation, while ensuring you remain in a positive economic space

Forecast cashflow

With this information, you can make educated guesses and decisions about the projected growth of your business

Customer and supplier invoice log

Keeping this information on record can help in the event of a complication arising, as well as making future business with repeat customers easier.

Comprehensive accounting system

An overall more comprehensive accounting system for your business, ensuring you retain the utmost control of your finances

Deposit slip and cheque printing

CashManager can create a deposit slip for your banking. This will record all of your deposits including the bank and branch of each cheque received and will list Cash and Cheques separately. You then just need to print this off and include it with your banking.

CashManager will print your cheques for you and can be modified to suit any pre-printed cheque stationery

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments

CashManager will create a batch file of cheque payments and you nominate the date for these to be processed. The file can then be imported to your bank and processed accordingly

The ability to create recurring transactions

The ability to create recurring transactions - such as loan and lease payments and bank fees

The creation of reports in financial or graphic form

The creation of reports in financial or graphic form - allowing for an easy, visual way to track the growth of your business

Wizard-driven bank reconciliation

Wizard-driven bank reconciliation - this can be used to easily track differences between your business records and those held by the bank.

Import downloaded bank statements

The ability to import downloaded bank statements, allowing for easy integration of financial information to CashManager.

Unlimited bank accounts

There is no limit to the number of bank accounts that you can set up in CashManager and while they are reconciled separately, they all consolidate into one GST return.

Full compliance with New Zealand GST requirements

Full compliance with New Zealand GST requirements - including a report that can be attached to the GST101 form and sent to the IRD for review

EziFeed – Automated Bank Feeds

(Minimal monthly fee or free with CashManager Onine)

Free up your time with automated delivery of your bank transactions. When combined with CashManager’s ‘memorise & process’, reconciling the books has never been easier or faster