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What’s new in CashManager 2017

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NZ Automated IR GST Filing

CashManager is proud to be the first accounting software program in New Zealand to publicly release the IR Automated GST filing feature that links directly to IRD (others have attempted but they never released).

So now you can View and Finish the GST return, then choose Submit to the IRD, login with your IRD credentials and wait for the confirmation that your GST return has been filed.

If your IRD GST Filing does not coincide with your Financial Year End – we recommend that you contact the IRD to have this changed.

AU Simpler BAS

Simpler BAS is now catered for in CashManager 2017. To active this new ATO initiative go into Setup, Options, GST, and tick Use Simple BAS. Your BAS return will be condensed into the new simple format which shows GST on Sales and GST on Purchases without showing the detailed breakdown of the other GST categories. See the ATO website for more information on Simple BAS.

Multi-User Invoicing (Desktop Installations of CM only)

The PC installation version of CashManager now allows multiple people to login who need to enter Quotes, Customer Invoices, Purchase Orders and Supplier Invoices. The main login can also be logged in at the same time with access to all of the CashManager functionality. The Multi-User Invoicing feature is managed by setting password access for Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders.


You can now set Passwords for Quotes and Purchase orders. The password option is available from the setup menu

Advanced Filtering/Searching of Data in Dialog Boxes

All of the primary CashManager screens such as Banking, Customers, Suppliers, etc, have a new Filter/Search list box which allows you to quickly look for items in the list;

  1. Filter All - – filter out specific information looking in all columns
  2. Filter Sorted Column - filter out specific information looking in the sorted column
  3. Search All - move to the next item found in any column
  4. Search Sorted Column - move to the next item found in the sorted column

EziReconcile (Non-Invoicing only)

Code transactions quickly and easily our or new EziReconcile screen. This product has been designed for our customers who don’t use Invoicing and want to quickly code their transactions that have been delivered into CashManager via our EziFeed bank feed service.

If you would like a demonstration of this new feature please call our Sales Team.

Smart Customer Invoicing

Customer Invoicing now has a new “in-grid” editing feature which no longer needs you to click on the Add button to select your product – you can simply type directly into the invoice rows – unless of course you want to use the Add button because you can – they both work. To activate this feature choose Setup, Options Customers, and tick Use Smart invoicing.

Roll-Back Bank Reconciliation

It is now possible to ‘roll back’ your bank reconciliations – so if you make a mistake you can now undo the bank reconciliation and start again. The option for this is available on the Administrator menu which is only visible if you have logged into CashManager using the Administrator password.

Default Send To Email Options

The Setup, Options, Email screen now allows you to set your preferred Sent To Email option so that when you email reports or backups your preferred email to is always displayed. (e.g. If you always email your CashManager backups to yourself you can set this as the Default email to so you don’t have to select it each time.

Customer Discounts – Preferred Date Options

When applying Customer Discounts you are now able to select which date you want to use for the Discount Adjustment at the time of creating the discount. You can select from Today’s date, Receipt date or Invoice date. The Discount button is available through the Invoicing button in Bank transactions.

Default Email Messages for Backups, Transfer Files and

When emailing something to a customer you can set default subject and message details for the different types documents e.g. email a report, or an invoice, or quote etc. – tick the box to remember the details and whatever message you type in should be saved and displayed when you next email that type of document

New Credit Notes Messages (as well as Invoicing Messages)

In the Customers menu, Add\Edit Invoice Messages you can now have separate messages for Invoices and Credit Notes. Just create your message then tick the relevant column for invoice or credit note.

Recurring Invoices can now be Bulk generated (no more manual selecting)

We have changed the Recurring Invoices features so that the Invoices can be bulk generated based on the due date – and you can do this when CashManager is opened (like the recurring transactions can). This prompt also appears when Year End is completed.

New Bank Statement Import Bank Formats

Farmland Credit Cards are available for CSV file import for reconciling purposes

Paypal csv file import (for reconciling)now accepts date formats dd/mm/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy

AMP is now available as a CSV file import for reconciling


Citibank is now available as a CSV file import for reconciling