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Flexible Recurring Transactions / Invoices

Flexible Recurring Transactions / Invoices

CashManager allows you to set up recurring transactions which can be processed either automatically whenever you open CashManager, or periodically, at your discretion. 

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Recurring Transactions 

You record how you want the transaction to be dissected (coded) whenever it is processed. It can be broken up into as many dissections as necessary. You can set a schedule where you record the duration and the frequency of the recurring transaction and whether you want the transaction to automatically processed or not.

Recurring Invoices

The recurring invoices feature in CashManager allows you to create a template of an invoice which is identical in structure and design to a normal invoice but does not appear as an outstanding amount in the customer or supplier ledgers. You can then choose to generate an invoice from the template as required or you can set a frequency for these invoices to be generated automatically when CashManager opens.

As a computer illiterate I was assisted immensely by your support person in extracting information from the motherboard of a dead computer and relocating to new laptop ! The only assistance I was able to give was the word motherboard ( heard from the chap who retrieved it for me) Thanks Folks !

Pete Sherriff

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