CashManager Business

CashManager Business version provides all the basic bookkeeping functions you will need to effectively manage your accounts. The perfect bookkeeping software for day to day transaction processing and sales tax calculations. It also includes invoicing feature by default.

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Create quotes

You can create quotes and keep editing them until approved and ready to be converted to an invoice. In just 3 simple clicks, you can convert a quote into an Invoice.

Produce professional invoices and statements

There are several templates already created in CashManager to print professional Invoices, Statements and Quotes. These however can be modified to suit your needs depending on the information required to be displayed.

Manage stock levels

At any stage, you can run the stock report, which will individually tell you the stock you have on hand, the amount sold, the amount of stock received and adjusted.

Track product costs

You can enter your purchase price for a product, which will allow you to track the profit level on each product.

The ability to 'turn off' either customer or supplier invoicing

depending on what feature you need, you can turn the supplier or customer invoicing on or off.

Produce professional statements

Similar to Invoices and quotes, you have a choice of a few statement templates, which once again can be modified to suit your needs.

Produce reports on sales, aged analysis, ledger and reorder

CashManager has the ability to produce reports on your sales, aged analysis, ledger and reorder at any given time for any particular period.

Produce customer or supplier labels and/or listing

Using the Customer or Supplier listing report, CashManager gives you the ability to print labels for mailing purposes. You can also Import/Export Customers and Suppliers for mail merge purposes.

Produce Gross Profit Report

As the name suggests, this will give you a gross profit for a specific period. This report can be run for both customers and products.

Export and import customer and product lists