What’s new in CashManager 2018

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SmartInvoicing – automated loading of Supplier invoices

(requires CashManager Invoicing and be on the current Support & Update program)

Go paperless by uploading Supplier Invoices as PDF files from within CashManager, or use the phone App to upload them, or have your suppliers email invoices directly to your customised SmartInvoice email.  Then simply “train” the invoices as they come in until they present with no errors.  Hand written invoices or PDF’s that cannot be read by our system can easily be entered from the “thumbnail” image that is now visible when editing Supplier Invoices that have come through the SmartInvoicing feature – so you can still go paperless even if the document cannot be read by our system.

No more laborious loading of suppliers invoices – creating plenty of time to do other more productive things.

To sign up use the SmartInvoice button in the Supplier Invoicing screen – and be up and running in just a few minutes.  Use the Help button in the Smart Invoicing screen to get you started.

Search Supplier Invoices report

Supplier SmartInvoices can load invoice line items into CashManager so we have given you the ability to search past purchases with the results being displayed in the Search Supplier Invoices report.

Invoices, Quotes and Purchase Orders can now have individual notes attached to them

You can now add notes to Invoices, Quotes, & Purchase Orders – widen the Add/Edit Invoicing window to see the extra panel that displays the Invoice notes.

Emailing Invoices now caters for adding a Blind Copy

CashManager now caters for sending Blind Copies to your reply to email address when sending Invoices and statements.  This can be activated in Setup, Options, Customers.

Default Dissections can now be set for Suppliers

As part of the SmartInvoicing innovation we have introduced the ability for you to setup Default Dissection for your suppliers.  This means that if you import invoices with multiple line items you can set the default for that supplier to code 100% of the invoice to one code, or 20% to one code and 80% to another, or a set amount to one code and the balance to another.  To setup your Supplier Default Dissections go to Suppliers, Add/Edit Supplier, choose the supplier to edit and then go to the Default Dissections tab at the bottom of the window.

When in the SmartInvoicing screen– if you wish to process the invoices using the Default Dissections simply tick the “Use Default Supplier Dissections for Invoices” check box.

Adding/Editing Invoice screen can now be maximised to take up the whole screen

The size limit has been removed from the invoicing screens so you can now maximise them and manually resize them to suit your needs.  As you widen your invoice window you will see there are tabs where you can read the Customer/Supplier Notes, Invoicing Notes, and Thumbnails if SmartInvoicing is active.

Invoicing screen can now display when an invoice was last emailed

The Customer Invoicing screen has an additional column “Last Emailed” that displays the date the invoice was last emailed.  This column can be displayed or hidden using the Right Mouse Click, Show/Hide Columns.

Customer Statements can recognise when an account is ‘overdue’ and display a message of our choice in the Statement

This feature requires that a custom field be added to your current Statement layouts. Call our support team and they will be able to assist with this.

Customer, Update Product Prices now caters for updating Cost Prices

The Customer, Update Product Prices feature now also caters for updating Product Costs.

New Notifications Tab in Setup, Options

Some users like prompts and others don’t so we have now given you the option to choose what you get notified about and what you don’t.  For example if you don’t want to be notified that a receipt has been fully allocated when matching it to an invoice – you can now turn this prompt off in Setup, Options, Notification – under the Customer Section.

Print Recurring Transactions, Supplier Invoices & Purchase Orders

When Adding or Editing Recurring transactions you can now print the details of the recurring transactions/invoices and their dissections. To do this use the Print button on the right of the Add/Edit Recurring Transactions/Invoices screen.

Re-Order Dissection Lines in Recurring Transactions, Supplier Invoicing & Purchase Orders

Right mouse click on any dissection line and choose Move Up, Move Down or Insert Line when editing Bank Transaction, Recurring Transactions, Supplier Invoicing and Purchase Orders.

Trial Balance reports can now be printed using either the Code or Map to Code field

When selecting your Trial Balance Report Options there is a new tick box to “Use Map_to codes (not chart of account codes) – this will print the Trial balance using the accountant’s Map-to codes.

Products Received – Supplier loads automatically if you choose the product code first

If you have a Default Supplier loaded in your Products items – then the Suppliers name can be automatically loaded when you are adding Products Received Adjustments, Goods In records.  Make sure that under Add/Edit Product the Default Supplier is added for each product, then when adding Goods In items – choose the product first and the Supplier name is automatically loaded into the Supplier box.

Print Names/List now includes options to print Codes or All Details

When in Setup, Maintain Names and Lists the Print button now offers 2 options; Print Codes and Print All Details. Print All Details includes all information that is saved for the Name item being printed.

Recurring Journals

Under the Transactions Menu you can now Add and Edit Recurring Journals. Recurring Journals are processed through the Transactions, Process Recurring Transactions feature.

Job Tracking now caters for more Job Information

Job Tracking now has spaces for Address, Contact, Phone, Mobile, Email, Description & Order number.

Change Transaction Type – now uses the next transaction reference

If a bank transaction has been incorrectly added as the wrong type you have always been able to right mouse click on it and choose Change To – and re-allocate it to the correct type.  When you do this in CashManager 2018 the next reference number of the type being changed to will also be assigned.

US Sales Tax items now print in the Account Details Report

The Account Details report can now include US Sales Tax items.


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