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  • Does CashManager work on Windows 10?

  • Sending emails that require SSL (e.g. Xtra, Hotmail, Gmail)

  • Valkey Message

  • Can I create sales reports by Sales Person?

  • Can I enter my stocktake figures into CashManager?

  • Can I create and save my own graphs?

  • Does Cashmanager handle stock and inventory?

  • How many bank accounts can I have in CashManager?

  • Can I create deposit slips for the bank?

  • Can I import my bank transactions into CashManager?

  • Can I get training for CashManager?

  • Which versions of Accomplish CashManager are supported (and so the support team can help me with any questions/ queries)?

  • How do I know which version I am on?

  • Can I produce Financial Reports using CashManager?

  • What are the minimum system requirements for running CashManager?

  • Can I import data into CashManager from another accounting package?

  • How does my CashManager Registration Code work?

  • Can I create invoices and statements in CashManager?

  • Where can I buy Accomplish CashManager?

  • Can I use CashManager on an Apple Mac?

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