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At Accomplish we believe if you are successful, then we are successful. Our training is about transferring knowledge of how best to use CashManager to be efficient and effective.The more educated you are about our accounting software, the more beneficial it will be to you and your clients.
  • Transferring
  • Become more efficient and effective
  • Offer more to your clients
Our trainers travel around the country holding individual and group sessions for our clients, accountants and business partners. Courses are interactive and hands-on with plenty of opportunity to answer your individual questions.

Web Training

Our online web training sessions are at scheduled times and use the latest software to train online. Interactive classes of no more than five participants allow you to learn in your location, without the need for travelling.

One to One

Individual training sessions give you what you specifically need to help you become as efficient as possible in your business/home environment. Contact us to arrange your own training session. Additional charges may apply.

Please contact us to discuss your individual training requirements.


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As a computer illiterate I was assisted immensely by your support person in extracting information from the motherboard of a dead computer and relocating to new laptop ! The only assistance I was able to give was the word motherboard ( heard from the chap who retrieved it for me) Thanks Folks !

Pete Sherriff

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