CashManager Plus

CashManager Plus is your complete accounting software package. It contains the full general ledger system and is ideally suited for accountants or those with in-depth accounting knowledge who want full double entry accounting control.

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A full general ledger

Keep your businesses complete financial records on hand, including information about assets, equity, liabilities, revenue and expenses. Gain an insight into the health of your small business at a glance and make decisions based on information and facts.

Full browse-and-edit functionality

Log information and make changes to your accounts on the fly, while retaining full editing control over your bookkeeping records.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments

CashManager will create a batch file of cheque payments and you nominate the date for these to be processed. The file can then be imported to your bank and processed accordingly.

Keep notes on customers and suppliers

An effective budgeting tool

Keep your business on track with a range of budgeting tools with CashManager.

Full compliance with New Zealand GST requirements

Full compliance with New Zealand GST requirements - including a report that can be attached to the GST101 form and sent to the IRD for review

Reports in financial or graphic form

The creation of reports in financial or graphic form, allowing for an easy, visual way to track the growth of your business

EziFeed – Automated Bank Feeds

(Minimal monthly fee or free with CashManager Onine)

Free up your time with automated delivery of your bank transactions. When combined with CashManager’s ‘memorise & process’, reconciling the books has never been easier or faster