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Stock Management & Contract Pricing

Managing Stock with CashManager Accounting Software

Make inventory control a breeze with our Invoicing Module

  • Add inventory items to track your sales and purchases
  • Easily update
    your stock
    into the system
  • Receive notification when you are low on stock
  • Create re-order
    reports, quote
    and invoice
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Managing your stock has never been easier. CashManager has simplified the process for seamless inventory control, profit tracking and reordering. Check out these great features that will give you your hours back.

Add inventory items

Avoid manual data entry errors by adding inventory items. Speed up the whole process by quoting, invoicing and tracking.

Smart inventory tracking

Track the quantities and value of the inventory on hand to have a better control of what you buy and sell.


CashManager can’t count your stock, but we can simplify it with an organised system. Add your stock, adjust your stock and receive notification when your products are low. Never get caught out again.


Track the profitability of individual items by easily seeing what items are being sold, and how much profit you are making.

Automatic notification

Automatically receive notification when stock is low. Easily create re-order reports so you’re never caught out.

As a computer illiterate I was assisted immensely by your support person in extracting information from the motherboard of a dead computer and relocating to new laptop ! The only assistance I was able to give was the word motherboard ( heard from the chap who retrieved it for me) Thanks Folks !

Pete Sherriff

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