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Reporting & Budgets

Reporting & Budgets

Business performances at a glance

  • Track all expenses and income at the click of a button
  • Create multiple budgets based on
    last year’s actuals
  •  Compare your budgeted figures with your actual spend
  • Review and adjust your budgets throughout the year
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Business survival depends on accurate data and forecasting. With CashManager, you can track how your business is performing at a glance and create opportunities with accurate reporting and budgeting. CashManager has made it even easier for businesses to have complete control.

Business performance at a glance

CashManager brings together all your financial information from invoices and statements to electronic fund transfer payments. Track all your information and ensure compliancy at the click of a button.

General ledger

This is available on our CashManager Plus version. Ensure that all accounts are always in balance. Produce profit and loss statements and balance sheet reports.

Financial Reporting

Quick to produce and easy to read. CashManager reports can be saved in multiple formats for storing or electronically sending to someone else.

Decisions backed by data

Use last year’s actuals for this year’s budget. You can manage individual accounts over the entire year at the press of a button.

Unlimited budgets

Plan for the future and monitor how your plan is going on a monthly or yearly basis. This is backed by our reporting feature that allows you to track your budgeting with your actual cash flow, helping you review and adjust your budgets throughout the year and prepare for the unexpected.

As a computer illiterate I was assisted immensely by your support person in extracting information from the motherboard of a dead computer and relocating to new laptop ! The only assistance I was able to give was the word motherboard ( heard from the chap who retrieved it for me) Thanks Folks !

Pete Sherriff

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