Desktop Accounting

Smart desktop accounting

If you wish to own a copy of accounting software outright and run it from your computer, CashManager Desktop is the right choice for you. With an easy to use interface and the option to add additional features, staying on top of your accounts is a breeze.
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Why use CashManager Desktop Accounting?

All the features you need

With an extensive range of features, you can stay on top of your finances no matter how big or small your business.

You pay for what you need

With three levels of CashManager available you can choose the option that’s suited to your needs and budget.

Yours to own

When purchased outright, CashManager for desktop is a lifetime license. Alternatively, you can pay monthly for the security of a local installation.

Add-ons to help automate your day

Make CashManager work for you with an extensive range of add-ons to automate processes and securely transfer data back and forth with your accountant.


Support and Update membership is included for the first 12 months. From there you are able to renew your membership with an annual subscription.

First time I have used support team - Fantastic!  Very user friendly.     Simple easy to use accounting package which has reduced annual accounting costs.

Chris Coppen

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