Smart Desktop Accounting

If you wish to own a copy of CashManager and run it from your own computer, this version is for you. With no concerns about internet connection speed, you are in complete control.

Why use CashManager Desktop Accounting?


Make CashManager Yours

Purchased outright, CashManager for desktop is a lifetime license that will always be yours. Alternatively you can pay monthly for the security of a local instillation.


Pay only for what you need

There are 3 levels of CashManager (Lite, Standard, and Plus) which you can choose depending on your individual needs. With the ability to upgrade anytime, you are always supported with CashManager while a member of the support and update programme.


Industry-leading support included

CashManager for desktop includes 12 months access to our highly experienced support team, available online or by phone 9 hours a day.


Add-ons help automate your day

CashManager has a range of add-on options available to help automate your day and easily transfer data back and forth with your accountant.

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I made a few mistakes and created problems I thought would be impossible to solve in the program. However I called the support line and they were sorted within minutes!

- Tracey Smith, Jalex Building Ltd
11th August 2017

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