Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciling with CashManager Accounting Software

The smart way to balance statements

Please note that the EziFeed module can only be purchased online with the full CashManager product. If you already have a licence number and wish to add this module, please contact us.
Reconcile your bank statement with ease and accuracy. Maintaining a balanced statement has never been easier.

Reconciling with CashManager Accounting Software

  • Transfer your transactions your way.
  • Automated transaction matching
  • Reconciling
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Controlling your cashflow does not have to be a tedious process. You can balance your statements and maintain accurate financial records with CashManager bank reconciliation.

Import your transactions your way

Import your transactions by CSV file import, manual data entry or automatically with our EziFeed service.

Smart memorise and process

Teach CashManager to automatically match transactions and recurring invoices. Saving you valuable time!

Connect to your bank with EziFeed

EziFeed eliminates the hours and errors by importing your transactions directly from your bank. Sign up for EziFeed

As a computer illiterate I was assisted immensely by your support person in extracting information from the motherboard of a dead computer and relocating to new laptop ! The only assistance I was able to give was the word motherboard ( heard from the chap who retrieved it for me) Thanks Folks !

Pete Sherriff

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