Bookkeeping by CashManager

Bookkeeping by CashManager

Business time is valuable time – let's not waste it on the books.


How would you like to take back those valuable hours to spend time with the family or growing your business? CashManager offers a range of bookkeeping services to lift the load so you can concentrate on what matters.

Our flexible service is designed with you in mind. We work with all major accounting software, and as we’re online, you can access all your reports from anywhere you have the internet.


Our service is tailored to the size and needs of your business and covers:

  • Recording all financial business transactions in the accounting software of your choice
  • Creating GST and reports
  • Producing invoices
  • Producing balance sheets, income statements and other financial documentation
  • Reporting finances and any irregularities
  • Arming you with the correct financial information you need to make better informed decisions and improve your bottom line
  • Arranging payments of accounts
  • Keeping you compliant
  • Conveniently access your 'books' from anywhere you have the internet


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Why use us?


Improve Your Cashflow

Your business finances will be regularly recorded, reconciled and reported so you can make better informed financial decisions to improve your profit.

Stay Compliant

It is the law to keep an accurate record of your finances. CashManager will accurately record all information to keep you compliant.

Grow Your Business

Let us carry out the time consuming tasks that are holding your business back from turning over a nice profit.

Save You Money

You can tailor your level of service to fit your business. This means you only pay for what you want and need.

Financial Reporting

We will take care of your end of week, month and yearly finances and condense the information you need into easy to read reports.

Proudly New Zealand Owned

Our Bookkeeping service is New Zealand owned and operated and your accounting will stay in New Zealand.

Flexible Bookkeeping Options and Support

Our bookkeepers can attend to your books and answer your questions as often as you require.


Our bookkeepers respect your privacy and carry out your accounting under a confidentiality agreement.

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