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  • Fantastic support team who go the extra mile to fix any issues. Very patient with low techies.

    - Pamela Pyne, Farming and Tourism
    28th October 2019
  • Whenever we have any issues Penny shows incredible dedication to get it resolved, even on holiday.

    - Steve Collings, Steve's Wholesalers
    20th October 2019
  • I’ve been using CashManager for more than 20 years now and find it very user friendly. Support is great when I need it and I love the search and report options to help find information quickly and easily.

    - Leigh Manson, Home-based Business
    15th October 2019
  • I was very happy with Ankita and her help to sort out my problem. She was very helpful and corrected my mistake in CashManager.

    - Anonymous, Church
    9th October 2019
  • They were very helpful with my queries and explained everything extremely well and helped me understand and know what I was doing.

    - Raewyn Pratt, The New Plymouth Christian Assembly
    3rd October 2019
  • Since 1998 the system and the support service has been exceptional.

    - Erin Clark, Capital Five Ltd, Business Coaching
    2nd October 2019
  • I have been extremely satisfied with the ease of use of CashManager and the support has always been timely and resolved my problems.

    - Nicky Depczynski, McCabe Industries Limited, Distribution
    2nd October 2019
  • CashManager is super easy to use. I’m not great on computers but I find it fine. And if I’m not sure, the tech staff know just what I’ve done wrong.

    - Sally Houlahan, H R T Builders Ltd
    27th September 2019
  • We have been using CashManager for over 20 years. We have progressed to now be using the full general ledger with customer and supplier invoicing. As we have grown we have been able to throw anything at CashManager and it has handled it seamlessly. The training is very good, and the program is simple to use. It is extremely reliable and the back-up service is brilliant if you need help. I have looked at others that do the same thing but for more money each month.

    - Sharon Devlin, Graphix Explosion Ltd, Marketing
    18th September 2019
  • Not being a real computer whiz I don't use all of the many benefits of CashManager but I find it extremely easy to use for analysing expenditure and income on the farm and balancing with the Bank statement ready for the Accountant to prepare the information for the IRD.

    - Pam Clark, Valetta Farms
    12th September 2019