• Even though I have been a user of CashManager for many years, it’s so good being able to get immediate assistance when I muck up; the issue always being resolved quickly.

    CashManager has been a massive time saver plus I have peace of mind knowing it’s far more accurate than when I was doing the books manually.

    - Roz Chadwick, Success Formula Trust, Property Investment
    3rd October 2018
  • I have used CashManager since 1997. Wouldn't use anything else, have recommended it numerous potentials, but they all go to lazy, inaccurate, non reconciling of monthly statements to Xero. Not a patch on CashManager. And guess what, no one can access my data directly on the net. I'm in control.

    - Erin Clark, Capital Five, Business Coach
    26th September 2018
  • It is terrific to have access to local support who speak the language and are easily available. Bravo in this brave new world.

    - Anonymous, Legal
    24th September 2018
  • CashManager is very straight forward and easy to use. It’s fantastic to have the extra support available when needed though. Accomplish staff are very helpful and answer any question in a timely and gracious manner. I really appreciate the Support Staff.

    - Kathryn Ross, Southside Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Church
    19th September 2018
  • My problem solved (I'm a bit of a dumb old bugger). Your phone operator was friendly and helpful. Was a pleasure to deal with.

    - Ben Hickey, GW Hickey & Sons Ltd, Farming
    18th September 2018
  • I have been using CashManager personally for 2.5 months being the new Office Manager for Buchan. It is always quite stressful learning a new complex system from scratch but I have to say the continuing fantastic support I have received from the Customer Service department has been very much appreciated and has helped alleviate my stress on an ongoing basis. It is one of the best customer support teams I have come across. Thank you for your ongoing patience!

    - Zona Quinton, The Buchan Group, Architecture
    13th September 2018
  • Support was instant and friendly, very efficient and solved the problem without any trouble. I was very impressed as I was completely out of my depth and perplexed as to how and why this had happened yet it was fixed in a few minutes

    - Rhonda Worner, A J Ramsey Real Estate
    12th September 2018
  • Awesome support very helpful and always friendly. Never an issue no matter how small the problem.

    - Allan Rose, Coromandel Golf Club
    10th September 2018
  • The CashManager lady that dealt with the issues I was having was very efficient and solved the problem

    - Kim Wade, Wade Automotive, Engine Reconditioning
    3rd September 2018
  • Over the years I have always found Accomplish very helpful and pleasant to deal with. They have made my accounting so much easier.

    - Sue Klink, S M Klink, Installation
    29th August 2018