• Excellent service, I had 3 queries that were handled efficiently and they installed my updates as well. Felt like a valued customer. Thank you

    - Ana Bercich, Matihetihe Marae Trustees, Charity
    22nd February 2019
  • The service I received was very professional and helpful and good to talk to English speaking persons (both male and female) Mandy and Eugene that I could understand and communicate very easily with. I got a prompt response to my original email and while Eugene was updating my system after a virus attack - he explained what he was doing and answered all my questions. As I could not log in to my computer while I was talking with Mandy at the time she explained your support hours without me asking her and that allowed me to get my problem sorted before I came to work this morning. (I was late home last night so couldn't get it done then).

    Much appreciated thank you very much

    - Heather Rogers, J & H Rogers, Rental Properties + Clubs
    10th January 2019
  • I have been using CashManager for over 20 years now. It is such an easy system to work with. I had never used a computer when I first got the system. I was able to load it and start to use it straight away. It was very easy to learn. My accountant uses the system so it is so easy to send my tax work through to the accountant. CashManager have very good support with friendly staff who know their job. I have been in some sporting associations that I have been treasurer for and I have always put them onto Cash manager as well as anyone can learn this system very easily.

    - Leanne Rose, Leanne & Col Rose, Automotive
    9th January 2019
  • Cost effective, easy to use software with outstanding support

    - Gary Ransby, Slingshot Aviation
    12th December 2018
  • This product is easy to use and the back up and support is excellent. They talk you through each step very simply and take all the stress out of a problem.

    - Sue Brandreth, Pete Brandreth Contracting Ltd
    12th December 2018
  • When my lap top crashed and I lost CashManager I was devastated. However a call to your support team and I was up and running in no time including reloading the data I had thankfully backed up each month. I can't speak highly enough of your staff member for her patience and understanding.

    - Janet Stevenson, Hazel Hewitt & Associates, Environmental
    27th November 2018
  • Just updated to the 2018 version of CashManager. I am not very techno savvy so I was delighted when told there was an option of having the process done for me through Team Viewer by a very helpful and patient woman. Better than sliced bread!! Absolutely brilliant!! The best thing about it is that I know it has been done correctly and that no data has been lost in the process. THANK YOU

    - Leone Ross, The Village Presbyterian Church
    7th November 2018
  • I have used Accomplish CashManager for many years. I find it easy to use and the support provided is consistently fantastic.

    - Ali Hole, GF & AM Hole Partnership, Creative Industries
    1st November 2018
  • I have had an ongoing issue with loading multi user invoicing to our office system, the fault was not a Cash Manager problem but one with our system and no one seemed able to sort it even though I had an IT technician up to our offices on numerous occasions..... This had become very frustrating and had been going on for a couple of months. I spent a long time on the phone with one of your team who was so accommodating and willing to help. She was able to identify the niggling problems that were dogging us and really spent the time to get it right once and for all over three different computers. Can't say how much I appreciate it and her awesome manner. Finally we are up and running and just wanted to say a huge thank you!!!

    - Sherri May, MCP 2016 Ltd, Concrete/Building Insutry
    1st November 2018
  • Simple to use, CM is a straightforward accounting program - good if you just need the basics. It has made GST returns a walk in the park – hooray.

    - Andrea Por, Ducks Mechanical
    29th October 2018