Quoting is easier than ever -  just like our invoicing. You can create them from scratch or copy them from existing quotes or invoices.  When they are accepted simply generate the invoice and choose to keep the quote on file for your records or not.
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Create quotes easily

Create quotes online from anywhere, generate and send quotes in minutes. Use the same contact, inventory and pricing information you use elsewhere. No more duplicate entry!

Streamline your sales process with CashManager

Produce a quote on the spot, or copy an existing one. Once you’ve done the work, it’s simple to turn your quote into an invoice.

Design your own templates

Add your logo to our beautiful templates or customise your own design. Then send quotes to your customers quotes by email or print them out, all at the click of a button.

Create quotes on the fly or from an invoice

Quoting has never been easier. Simply create a quote on the spot or copy a previous one. You can also create a quote from an existing invoice.

Create invoice from quotes instantly

Convert quotes into invoices or recurring invoices when they are accepted and choose to keep the quote to refer back to if needed.

Stay on top of your quotes

Quickly find quotes to invoice or follow up and generate more business. Once your customer accepts your quote, turn it into an invoice to improve your cashflow with the click of a button.

Use online quotes to drive your business

Use online quotes to drive faster decision making with your customers. Now your customers can quickly and easily go online to accept, decline or comment on a quote.

Cash Manager is an awesome program.....so easy to navigate around. Have been using for a number of years. It has a Great debtors invoicing system & excellent range of reports. I can keep up to date with how business is tracking.

Lyn Harris

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