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We guarantee
you that CashManager is
the simplest to set up, and
easiest to use, accounting
software. If you don’t
agree, we will refund
your money!

Accounting Software designed by Accountants

CashManager Accounting Software has been helping accountants and their clients for over 25 years. Our software was designed by people who know accounting so can confidently offer a product that will make yours and your client’s life easier.

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CashManager. Making accounting easy

  • Easily and efficiently manage the books of multiple clients.
  • Our fantastic features such as automated bank feeds help reduce human error and save you huge amounts of time.
  • Run your business on the go. Safely share financial information and data from anywhere you have the internet.
  • With both desktop and online versions available, you and your clients have more choice with CashManager.
  • Become a Business Partner and receive awesome support and assistance to benefit you and your clients.

Some business owners want to be online, some don't - with CashManager you can offer them the choice (and they can move from one to the other over time as desired)

Some clients simply want to ‘do the basics’.  They can achieve this with ease using CashManager.

Recommend CashManager knowing that your clients will have access to an outstanding support service (rather than relying on you)

CashManager is built to be flexible. A product which is modular and can grow as your client grows

With so many features available, including automated bank feeds, on both desktop and online versions, choice has never been easier

With our industry leading support team, and full training available as required for you or your client – whether face to face or remote, we are here to help.

CashManager should be your first choice in accounting software

Why your clients will love CashManager

  • They will have access to an outstanding support service - you’ll thank us for it!
  • CashManager is designed to be flexible. The modular product can start small and grow as your client’s business does.
  • They have the choice to run their accounts online or from their desktop.
  • With so many features available, accounting has just become a whole lot easier for you and your client.

The ability to offer your client choice - achieve the best accounting software 'fit' according to the varying needs of your clients.

Use CashManager Online to view and manage client data with ease

Use CashManager 'Inhouse' to manage the books for multiple small clients. With automated bank feeds, you can save an enormous amount of data entry time

We believe in collaboration. With our Business Partner and accreditation program, there are many financial and training benefits

The confidence that comes from dealing with a company that has been in business for 25 years, and where personal support is a real focus

Our support stats

We believe our support is the best in the industry, but don’t take our word for it. These are the support stats across the business for our customers.

Call answered 80% of the time

Average waiting time 2 ½ minutes

All messages returned within 60 minutes

Dedicated Support Team has a combined experience of 50+ years