Tips and Tricks

March 2021


Import budget features are available from within the Editing Budget screen. To import actual figures from another CashManager company into a budget - Edit the budget and select the Import button at the bottom of the screen. Then select ‘update budget with actuals' in selected company.
Note: The company you are importing the budgets from must have the same Chart of Account codes as the company you are importing to.


Match Credit Notes/Receipts from within the Customer & Supplier Invoicing screens. CashManager has the ability to match receipts/payments to invoices from within the Customer/Supplier Invoicing screens. This feature is particularly useful for matching Credit Notes to invoices and also if you use the CashManager EziFeed Memorising feature where you can attach customer deposits to your Customer records. Use the ‘Select’ column to tick the invoices and receipts you wish to match – then choose the Match button. Note: The ‘Match’ button is only Visible when ‘Display’ is set to ‘Unpaid only’.


When emailing Invoices, Statements, Remittance advice etc you can attach additional files that you wish to be included. Simply select the Attach button and choose the additional files you wish to email.


The Product Item List report has a check box ‘Product List (with no pricing)’ that is useful if you want to provide customers with a product list but do not want them to see the prices.