"I like everything about it as it is just so simple to use.'

Mr Frank M. Schumakchker

Frank M. Schumakchker

Date of interview: 21/02/2017

For most people, when choosing accounting software, it needs to be simple to set up, easy to use and have all the features to correctly manage personal or business finances.

When you add compatibility to a screen reader to the mix, you may be pretty pushed in the market. That was the struggle for Frank Schumakchker of the USA, until he discovered CashManager.

“I am legally blind so I need to find a software that is easy to use and compatible with the other programmes I use”.

“I started using CashManager in 2011, previously using Quicken. I use Job Access with Speech (Jaws) which is a screen reader for the blind. Quicken was not compatible with Jaws so I had to find another programme that was simple to use but still provided me with what I needed”.

As well as the compatibility to other programmes, Mr Schumakchker found CashManager’s usability to be seamless with all the necessary features.  

“I can set up everything easily, unlike other software, and it has everything I need”.

“It helps me keep up to date with all my personal finances and even writes my cheques!”

Mr Schumakchker is currently using an older ‘personal’ version of CashManager, and plans to upgrade to the ‘Business’ version, and manage his own accounts and those of his brother.

“My brother is handicapped and every purchase has to be accurately reported back to the government. CashManager will keep us on track of this”.

Mr Schumakchker is a big campaigner for CashManager and is happy to recommend the software.

“I would recommend CashManager products and I have”.

When Freedom Scientific, a company that makes and installs software for the visually impaired and blind, including Jaws noticed CashManager on his computer, they asked if he would recommend it as they did not know many other people using this product in the area.

“I said absolutely!”.

“I told them it works well with all their products and I like everything about it as it is just so simple to use.”