"Bev has found CashManager to be particularly useful as it is so easy to use."

Dairy Farming - Bev Gordon

One of the interesting quirks about accounting software for small business is that it must cater to many types of businesses without becoming too complicated. Finding the right balance between usability and functionality is incredibly important.

For Bev Gordon, who manages finances for her family's farming operations, finding the right accounting software has been quite an adventure - she's tried a number of products to see how they stack up. Over eight years, CashManager has come out on top.

Putting software to the test

With a family trust and two farming operations, Ms. Gordon knows that the right software makes a big difference. Currently, she uses CashManager for one business and another software for the other.

Ms. Gordon has found CashManager to be particularly useful, especially since it is easy to use.

"I'm printing the reports out for a farmer, and he's not a young whiz-kid; we're an older couple. It just shows him exactly what he wants," she said.

The other software she uses, which is based online, doesn't match up.

"It caused a lot of headaches," she said.

"My accountant said it would save me heaps of money and was much easier. It didn't work out that way."

The problem of bloat

One problem Ms. Gordon has noticed with the other accounting software is that it overloaded with unnecessary functions.

"With dairy farming, the only person who pays you is the milk company, so you've only got about three income categories," Ms. Gordon said.

"You don't need all the fancy stuff. That's why [the other software] complicated everything."

Despite those problems, Ms. Gordon liked that the other software has an online component. That is why she's considering a switch to CashManager Online.

"It's grown in the last 12 months, which is why we're looking at it again. And everything else is the same, so I wouldn't be learning anything new," she said.

"I like to keep life easy."

CashManager accounting software has successfully been helping small business owners and their accountants efficiently manage their cash flow and understand their performance at a glance since 1992. Find out how we can help your business grow.