Which small business accounting software solution is right for you?

Cashmanager | 4 years ago
When it comes to finding the right accounting software in New Zealand, it's important to note that there's no 'one size fits all' solution. After all, every business is different and has unique requirements and pain points. This is why Accomplish has created three levels of its successful CashManager program. To find out which level is right for your business, here is a bit more information about each product: CashManager Lite The CashManager Lite suite is perfect for small businesses that require basic bookkeeping functions without all the trimmings. There's no point in having a range of fancy features if you're not going to use them, is there? With Lite, you'll have all the functions and reports that you need and your GST return can be produced at the click of a button. Enjoy improved control over your cash flow and the ability to conduct day-to-day transactions yourself without relying on an accountant. CashManager Standard By far our most popular product, CashManager Standard has all the features of the Lite; only it comes with a few useful additions, such as an effective budgeting tool and a tool to forecast your cash flow. What's more, it also includes systems that can be used to monitor a trust facility, as well as keep track of customer and supplier invoices. It's ideal for small business owners who want a comprehensive tool that is easy to navigate, efficient to use and affordable to purchase. CashManager Plus If you are one of the lucky business owners that has a little bit of accounting experience or just happens to be great with numbers, then you'll love CashManager Plus. Designed for the accounting community, it gives you the flexibility of a full range of bookkeeping and management reports along with the ability to make journal entries and produce financial statements. Now that you know a little bit more about the three versions of CashManager, it might be time to chat to us about implementing your small business accounting software of choice.