Utilise tablet devices to streamline your business operations

Cashmanager | 4 years ago

Worldwide sales of tablets reached 195.4 million during 2013 - or an increase of 68 per cent over 2012 - which highlights the increasing importance of technology in the world, as well as the rapid uptake of mobile device usage for various outlets including personal pleasure and work. 

With the number of mobile devices entering into the workplace, this could help to make your business far more streamlined in the long run. With the decentralisation of offices occurring at a rapid rate across the world - including many New Zealand companies - and enabling employees to work from anywhere, you can help to massively increase your productivity, output and bottom line. 

There are a wide range of applications that can be used on these devices to help you achieve success. One such product is CashManager Online from Accomplish, which allows you to streamline accounting processes wherever there's an internet connection or WiFi available. 

By reducing the amount of time spent travelling to and from the office, you can take care of your financial wellbeing at any given moment. Processes as simple as entering in basic transaction and settling accounts can be done on the fly, helping you to stay on the move and engaged with customers at all times of the day. 

The service is password-protected and allows for backups of your accounts to be made, ensuring that your work is protected in the instance that something happens to your device or software. 

A support line is also offered, which can help you out with any queries or questions you may have about the software and it's operation. Having that peace of mind can be a great help, especially when you're still coming to terms with the services offered by this software. 

If you're interested in discussing your options with a professional, get in contact with the team at Accomplish today!