Healthy office living: Tips for keeping your employees fit and happy

Cashmanager | 5 years ago

One of the main commandments of running a small business is to keep your employees happy and healthy. This will result in more productive staff and - in turn - a higher profit turnover in the future. So how can you help encourage healthy living among your workers? Well, if they spend much of their day sitting down inside a cubicle, there are a number of ways to introduce some activity into their lives.

For example, you could give your employees multiple breaks throughout the day to get out and about in the fresh air. Promoting a culture of getting into the sunshine and talking a brisk walk around the block could do wonders for morale, not to mention getting them up and out of their chairs and active. 

Furthermore, implementing a stretch time or similar activity once a day is another wonderful idea. Set aside 10 minutes to gather everyone in the company for a series of stretches, set to popular musical tunes - past and present. This helps to promote blood flow and ensure people are remaining as limber and oxygenated as possible. 

If your employees are beginning to feel adverse effects from sitting all day working on small business software, one thing you could consider is getting standing desks. These hold computers while allowing users to remain standing, which can do wonders for posture, circulation and other health-related issues. Of course, not everyone will want to stand all day, so gauge office interest before replacing all the desks. 

These are just some of the things you can embrace in your office to help keep everyone happy and healthy, promoting a more accommodating and caring workplace environment. This will be reflected in your employees' overall demeanour, encouraging them to strive for business excellence in the future.