(Almost) Free Ways to Market Your Business

Cashmanager | 6 years ago

Small businesses may not have the marketing budgets of their larger competitors, but that does not mean they can’t keep up. Marketing can be done on a shoestring with creativity, effort and a little time. Here are five (almost) free ways to market your business with great results.

Grow your business through networking

Networking is a very effective way to extend your connections in the industry. This is important for gaining new business, staying relevant, and for future recruitment opportunities. Attend all networking events that are relevant to your industry, and even those that are not – you never know when someone may need your service. Take along business cards and engage in conversations with those who are not in your immediate network. If you meet a potential client, follow up with an email to reinforce your service. Lead groups are also a great way of creating business opportunities for everyone involved.

Market your business with email

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your business to a large number of people at a very low cost. Email marketing can build brand loyalty and convert sales by promoting a new product, advertising or reminding customers of your services. The best thing about email marketing is that you are left with usable data that will inform you whether your campaign was a success or not. Data can tell you who opened the email, who unsubscribed and who clicked on the link driving them back to the website. Email marketing is not free but the costs are relatively low and they are not time consuming. Once you have your content and design, you can send the same message to many people just by uploading your database.

Market your business on social media

Social media is free but you will have to invest time in your marketing campaigns. With over 1 billion users on Facebook, your company should have a Facebook page with the correct opening hours and services you provide. Spend around two hours a week on your Facebook. Regularly update content and respond to people who have interacted with your page. Content can include article shares relevant to your industry, photos or new product releases. The best content encourages engagement and interaction. Facebook also allows consumers and clients to rate your services and comment - encourage this. It is important to engage daily with the comments and rectifying the complaint should one occur. Facebook is a great reminder tool to keep your products and services fresh in the minds of the consumer. Facebook also have a range of paid marketing options that are extremely effective to promote your business. Find out more information here.

LinkedIn is a virtual networking tool that allows you to connect with other business and promote our own. Like Facebook, it is essential to make sure all of your contact information and services are up to date. LinkedIn targets a different audience so it will require different tactics.  You will expand your reach by joining circles, posting articles and reaching out to prospective clients through connections. There will be fewer competitions and photos of the team and more intellectual discussions. LinkedIn also offers paid forms of marketing through paid advertising and sponsored content. Check out our blog for ways to improve your LinkedIn page.

Get featured on testimonial pages

If you have used a service or product and like the results, ask to be featured on their testimonial page. Include your company name and how their service or product benefited you and your business. You have just gained free advertising on a website.

Hold seminars

Become the expert in your industry by holding free webinars or seminars. You can advertise your event through social media and email to gain more traction. Seminars are a great way to demonstrate your expertise, promote your business and network. Offer all attendees a free consultation or incentive for using your service.